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Long Trains Addon for mod Improved Trains v3.4.1 for ATS 1.37

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods
Uploaded by:  uploaded by POWERFULL
Date:  2020-05-03 15:59:34
Downloads:  89 downloads
Size:  File Size: 33 KB
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Comments:  10 comments
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4/5, 8 votes


Long Trains Addon, for mod “Improved Trains”

Improved Trains v3.4.1 for ATS (v1.37x)


Created for players whose for some reason are not satisfied with the short length of trains in the main mod.

This addon replace all freight trains shortest than 60 cars from the main mod to long trains (up to 150 cars).

Changes in version 3.4.1 for ATS (v1.37x):
Added rules to counteract the disappearance of trains in close proximity
Added raft of locomotive sections without rail cars, driving to another station or returning helpers, helpers may now be of a different company and model

Do not use without “Improved trains 3.4.1 or with older versions

Do not use along with “Short trains addon”.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOD REAL TRAFFIC DENSITY BY CIP 1.37 (this addon broke the traffic remove and spawn distance rules in Cip’s mod)

Please place this Add-on above the Main mod Improved trains.


Enjoy it and Have Fun!






Long Trains Addon for mod Improved Trains v3.4.1 for ATS 1.37, 1 photo

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uploaded by POWERFULL
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Comments (10)

2020-05-04 04:35:34 tantalus
Erm, even longer trains??? this is insane. Trains were already too long, in fact, excessive. And people wanted even longer ones?? ridiculous. One thing is to improve a mod, another thing is to make it completely unrealistic and annoying...
2020-05-04 16:53:32 POWERFULL
@tantalus No one forces you to install this particular addon. for you there is an addon Short trains (20-30 wagons). use it.
2020-05-04 20:00:39 Dogman (Guest)
Hey Thanks Powerfull for this nice add on. I guess some people aren't happy with it but like you say they don't have to use it. But fact is some freight trains are very long!
2020-05-04 20:02:50 Dogman (Guest)
I guess some people can't handle a long one (train) that is. So they can stick with their short one! :)
2020-05-05 19:21:59 Tantalus (Guest)
Im just saying that YOU ARE PLAYING A SIMULATOR. If people keep asking for unrealistic and stupid things, why they just dont stop playing the game and find somethign else? its ridiculous, sorry.
2020-05-05 20:56:21 Salty (Guest)
And one thing nobody noticed of course. The game has a limit about how many wagons it can render because there is not enough space. If you look at a long train in the distance, you will see how wagons are being spawned one after another, instead of being rendered already. People like to see that? well, honestly thats a complete game immersion breaking but it seems that this game has lost the simulation factor ages ago. Thats why there are many things that could be improved in this game that never will, because people pay more attention to dumb things than important ones.
2020-05-06 00:47:51 Salty is right you know ^^ (Guest)
This would be one of the best mods out there for an addon if that wasnt the case.
2020-05-07 13:33:27 POWERFULL
Salty (Guest) do not use the mod with the mod, the real traffic sweat from CIP and the problems you described will not exist. trains always spawn at the same distance as all other vehicles in the game. in any case, beyond the distance that the game draw it, therefore, all vehicles are invisible at a distance of more than 500 meters from the player, although they still exist for the game. (this is the SCS constant of the game engine) and only the mode of real traffic density from CIP makes vehicles spawn at a distance of 100-350 meters. which leads to the loss of realism and immersion. so stop slandering my mod, or... Fuck you Asshole (c) The Terminator 1984
2020-05-07 13:39:40 POWERFULL
Salty (Guest) so sorry, my previous comment was addressed more to Tantalus (Guest) but not you. just this troll wrote his **** under all my last mods
2020-05-07 13:44:04 POWERFULL
Salty (Guest) people will never improve what is hidden in the encoded game engine. what is forbidden to change by the developers of the game. such as the appearance of cars on one and not the whole train at once

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