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[ATS] Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 1.36

Rating: 3/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-12-15 04:23:14, by mods82

Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 - Released - Compatible With ATS 1.36.x

New name Old Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunders, is now called Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4

Features & News In Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 Version:

* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.36.x
* Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps
* Realistic Thunder Sounds.
* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
* Realistic Rain Drops/Windshield Effects.
* Realistic Rain
* Realistic Rain Effects
* Realistic Rain Sounds
* Realistic Water (E.g: Sea & Rivers etc)
* Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
* Different Types Of Weather
* Different Rain & Fog Intensity

* Updated for With ATS 1.36.x version
* New name old Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds, is now called Realistic Brutal Weather
* New Several Types Of Rain Intensity (From Light Rain to Heavy Rain)
* Several Tweaks In The Weather & Fog & Rain
* Several Tweaks in the Sky-boxes Day/Night
* Tweaks Fog Intensity
* New Realistic Cloud Shadows
* New Realistic Road Reflections, Rain, Sun etc



[ATS] Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 1.36, 1 photo[ATS] Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 1.36, 2 photo[ATS] Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 1.36, 3 photo[ATS] Realistic Brutal Weather V1.4 1.36, 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2019-12-16 15:51:33 tantalus
When there is no fog, this mod is great. When there is fog, this mod is simply unusable. Please reduce the fog amount in extreme situations, or make vehicles to use lights in those circunstances (this will be the most interesting and valuable change), any of those options will semi fix the problem. But right now, this mod is almost unusable when driving through extreme fog weather.
2019-12-16 15:52:58 tantalus
When this was updated to ATS???????? there is not a single notice in the official forums or anywhere else. Sorry, i will pass and download only when i know the source author actually updated it.
2019-12-16 15:59:05 George (Guest)
Dude . . .:s at least update the description and the manifest of the mod for ATS.... i mean, come on....

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