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Rating: 3/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2019-12-21 16:00:00, by Guest

—–This mod requires ETS2 1.36.x
—–Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.
Full Map DLC !
● Money 999,763,520 Euro
● Garage 36
● Compatible with 1.36.x update.
● Level 149 ( Legendary) (979,699 EXP )
● Support Multiplayer
—–Install : Extract .rar / C:Users/USER/Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles


FULL SAVE PROFILE [1.36.x], 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (5)

2019-12-21 18:00:20 Chow says. (Guest)
The United States has 50 states.
2019-12-21 20:03:25 George (Guest)
The whole point of this game is to grow up with patience and feel the simulation factor of having to work at least a little to get your garajes / trucks whatever. I will never understand people who does this, they should just find another game. Obviously ETS/ATS is not for them.
2019-12-21 21:36:50 infinniti
hey guys, i have problems getting the maps to work. actually i have been able to get them working for a few months now. any ideas??
2019-12-23 07:52:34 slayer72
This requires ATS v1.36.*, not ETS2 v1.36.*, can't even get the game right lol
2020-05-05 00:29:54 SiMR
how much are you willing to pay for honesty? thats rhetorical (doesnt need an answer) the truth is, this is the kind of crap that happenes, and has happened to ATS since day one. Kids get a hold of this game, and they THINK they know what theyre doing, because they saw some frigin video on **** tube, or some smart a**ed friend, heard from a friend, who called and told them kind of how to do it. while daddy sat there amazed and never realised how dumba**ed JR is. Honestly is for FREE not For Sale..there is NO good modders no more..they are underground or Pay To Play Modders, and whats left are these dime a dozen wanaB modders/ editors. think im wrong? look at how many times ATS has been (Patched) i mean 'Updated' and for why. look at ever Update...and notice whats actually being updated..F*CKING STEERING WHEELS? cant be serious right now-right? (right) these a** clowns have destroyed ATS. ATS 1.35 was the new Update on Oct 4th 2018 by my Bday oct 15..i left ATS and uninstalled it from my PC and walked away from Steam. i just recently came back to ATS in April 2020 because of the Mack a supossed Updated game (again) its not..its ATS 1.35 revisited part Duh. Mappers keep f*cking this game up..ive only ever played default DLC maps..except for back in 1.31 days..i played The Dalton Highway Map religiously with my friends & family. the Dalton still to this day is the BEST map ever in ATS and my alltime fav...good looking summer, spring, fall or winter time, and with its challenges in the snow..most of these PC drivers cant handle the Dalton thats why it wasnt very popular. but the mapper is a brilliant guy none the less. ATS will never be as stable as 1.29 and 1.31. was.

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