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Realistic Graphics Mod v2.1.2 [1.31.x]

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2018-07-10 13:33:00, by Musical_cat

This mod improves ATS graphics for better realism.

- First and top rated graphics mod in ATS Workshop.
- 72 Realistic skybox textures in 4K quality
- Realistic shadows of the clouds
- Realistic in-game coloring
- Realistic light flares & reflection effects
- Realistic road textures in 2K quality
- Realistic terrain textures
- Realistic rain & thunder sounds
- Realistic raindrop effects
- Realistic water textures
- Improved climates
- Compatible with Mario Map
*This mod increases frame rate.(Confirmed by many users.)
*Some skybox textures was made by SGate.

Tips for users
Tip 1: For more vibrant in-game colours, turn on the "Color Correction" option in the graphic settings.
Tip 2: To disable in-game bloom effect, turn off the "High Dynamic Range" option in the graphic settings.
Tip 3: For high quality skybox and road textures, set "Texture quality: High" in the graphic settings.

Required Game Version 1.31.X

2.1.2 update released. Changes;
- Fixed the problem that the chrome parts appearing gray/dimmed.
- Added several new skybox textures.
- Added realistic terrain textures.
- Added realistic water textures.
- Added a bit bloom effect for only nights.
- Added support for Mario Map.
- Improved sun color/brightness.
- Improved all road textures.
- Improved raindrop effects.
- Optimized graphical colours.
- Removed unused files.
- Minor bug fixes.


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uploaded by Musical_cat
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Comments (13)

2018-07-11 05:06:40 google
Link original Frkn64
2018-07-11 05:09:13 google
you are an idiot a pendeja rat steals work from other idiots keep the original link is the only reward that we receive the creators of mod asshole face of cock
2018-07-11 07:52:43 UsCanMx (Guest)
You Google te mataré maldita perra
2018-07-11 07:54:14 Enterprises (Guest)
You google Fuck you
2018-07-11 07:56:06 José TruckerMx (Guest)
Para Google pudrete hombre lo que haces algo seguramente eres el roba mods y puras idioteces y sinceras lo que dices
2018-07-11 08:28:37 google
callate cara de verga revisa el foro del autor y vean los enlaces caras de la buena verga sepan investigar Pudranse caras de la buena verga todos apoyen al creador no a ratas roba link
2018-07-11 08:38:19 YanRed
xd pobre google pero es verdad lo que dice los link no son del autor oficial todas las ganancias por descarga van para Musical_cat
2018-07-11 14:09:34 José TruckerMx (Guest)
De donde sacaste los link pinche pendejo tu los creaste
2018-07-11 14:42:22 Anti-google (Guest)
@UsCanMx, @Enterprises He is very stupid! He defends the thief, since the basis of this mod is the stolen mod from SGate. Frkn64 stole the mod from Sgate and without permission replaced the texture and added garbage
2018-07-11 15:03:39 google
se ve que son niños ratas y no saben nada de los mod
2018-07-11 19:11:34 google
xd ya corrigieron el link ya que le informe a frkn64 le quitaron las ganancinas al niño rata Musical_cat
2018-07-11 21:49:30 WiliamAts1312 (Guest)
@UsCanMx, @Enterprises do not let me go with you to take the shit out of @Anti-google piece of shit and very stupid
2018-07-13 08:12:04 RodrigoMx (Guest)
Para: google Hijo de tu putamadre, pendejo no sabes nada de los mods eres un ladrón deja estar robando los mods

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