The Godfather's Freight Market Pack 1 1.4

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latest Version 1.4 · The Godfather's Freight Market Pack 1 · ATS 1.48.x 3 months ago
The Godfather's Freight Market Pack 1

* The Godfather's Mods Company bring to u The 1st Pack for his Freight Market Trailer's for Freight Market Jobs and World Of Trucks Freight Market Jobs the pack has 140 Skins of Real Company's & Real Branding And Spawn at random in Freight Market Job List & World Of Trucks Freight Market Job List plus also Spawn at Random into the Ai Traffic Flow

* All Rights go to The Godfather's Mods Company for the Skins in this pack and must be giving credit if u use the pack on your Livestreaming or Uploaded videos thanks..

* v1.1
This Update fixes the lag issues the pack had in the Ai Traffic Flow and all skins have been rebuilt in a new format also pack has been updated to work the games new 1.47 update (April 2023)

* v1.2 (Released July 24th 2023)
This Update brings a Whole Rebuild of the Mod with the adding of more then half the pack with new Skins of Real Companies & Real Brands plus tons of Companies and Branding from Oklahoma State so it feels more Real going into the new ATS DLC State Release that was Relaesed on August 1st 2023 plus the pack stays at a total of 100 skins with the old skins been moved into a file for a future Freight Market Pack..

* v1.3 (Released July 27th 2023)
This Update Brings in 40 more Skins of Real Companies & Real Brands and also updates the pack to work with the new 1.48 update to ATS..

* v1.4 (Released August 27th 2023)
This Update fixes some issues that were going on as part of the few updates ATS has had since the Release of 1.48 no new skins have been added..

* Please come and visit The Godfather's You Tube channel Australia Worldwide Gaming & Entertainment to watch our latest ATS Livestreams each of them Livestreams is on 2 hours with every one of our Livestreams having a brand new Combo Truck & Trailer Paintjob we design so its a do not miss folks we always LIVE & Full Replay at 1440p 60fps HD and have Livestream chat open to Subscribers only and also u can show your support by using our super chat and super stickers and super thanks would be thankful if u do so and helps us grow we also got a over 3 year playlist of all our ATS Gameplay and keeps growing each week..

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