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Wilson Old Cattle Pot [1.35.x]

Rating: 3/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-09-10 14:30:00, by Guest

- Standalone;
- Ownable;
- Present in direct orders;
- Cable support;
- Animation supports;
- Updated to version 1.35.

Trucker, B4RT, KeithD


Wilson Old Cattle Pot [1.35.x], 1 photoWilson Old Cattle Pot [1.35.x], 2 photoWilson Old Cattle Pot [1.35.x], 3 photoWilson Old Cattle Pot [1.35.x], 4 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (2)

2019-09-10 17:13:29 butthurt mod downloader (Guest)
Thanks, before people bitch I just wanna say paid mods can go fuck themselves. and if you don't like that eat my ass
2019-09-11 03:35:59 Super Mods (Guest)
@butthurt mod downloader Right on. Paid modders are hypocrites.

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