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International Durastar 4400

Rating: 2/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-10-19 02:23:39, by Xample

This mod belongs to a columbian modder who is going around hacking peoples profile, stealing peoples mods and pictures that they posted in facebook groups. He is also showing people pictures of mods he doesn't have and taking people's money for it with the return of no mods. this is one of his mods and the reason for leaking it is because he hacked my facebook profile and got facebook to delete it and also have them blocking me from creating any new aaccount. 


International Durastar 4400, 1 photoInternational Durastar 4400, 2 photo

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uploaded by Xample
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Comments (28)

2019-10-19 05:05:14 Balto
Does this work???
2019-10-19 07:12:41 jake (Guest)
try it duh
2019-10-19 15:58:24 Jesus_Martinez (Guest)
Te lo haré saber cuando lo intente.
2019-10-19 17:11:57 GL in Court Modders [END PAID MODS] (Guest)
NONE OF YOU "MODDERS" OWN THE F*CKING RIGHTS TO INTERNATIONAL. Everyone needs to email Navistar International Corporation to inform them of the use of their brand and the profit that is being made. My only goal is to get Navistar International Corporation to send all these pansy thieves who call themselves "modders" a court summons. You people need to understand that you cannot steal other's work and then profit from it. I hope you idiots get sued & or thrown in jail. I have already informed Navistar International Corporation of certain Facebook groups that are being used to advertise & sell these "paid mods". It's not long before they start to shut down these paid mod sites & groups on social media. Once that is achieved I hope we can permanently end PAID MODS. Contact Navistar International Corporation @
2019-10-19 20:58:35 Jose_Martinez (Guest)
Eso es un buen trabajo y espero que navistar gane. Este mod no funciona correctamente de todos modos. Una vez más, los hombres y mujeres en México aprecian lo que haces. mantente valiente.
2019-10-20 00:45:28 Curt (Guest)
You really think Navistar is gonna sue people for making International truck mods ? Are you fucking retarded? It’s not effecting their profits. Stop being a fucking pansy and shut the fuck up
2019-10-20 00:48:14 Curt (Guest)
And International is coming to American Truck Simulator Anyways.
2019-10-20 02:33:24 K-Melons (Guest)
@Curt It's called illegal distribution of a trademarked product without a license. Be sure to take it up the ass if someone illegally distributes any of your company products without a license. Educate yourself.
2019-10-20 07:58:38 K-Melons moron (Guest)
k-melon if your so annoyed why are you on these sites you clown and as far as the law goes you know nothing about copyright or trademark laws go hang yourself your just embarrassing yourself and your family these mods fall under free publicity and tributes learn the law arsewipe people like you need to grow up and stop being so soft if everything offends you then just end it all and do us a favor if you have result to insults to try and bully people into your way of thinking then maby your the one in the wrong try thinking of that grow up or go away either way i don`t really care
2019-10-20 11:08:14 Atsnewb (Guest)
I’m all for ending paid mods but, I can’t find these mods anyway, so if someone was to post them the whole community would benefit. The Durastar, ‘98 DT 4700, Workstar, etc. if the modders made them available, than the few people buying wouldn’t pay for them...
2019-10-20 14:47:59 me (Guest)
I hate having to pay for mods even though some the mods these guys put out there are real pieces of art. Having said i don't see the point of people acting all righteous about someone else not having rights to produce content that is licensed to a certain company in THE REAL WORLD. I doubt that these modders are sitting there with detailed specifications of each and every truck down to the last bolt. Is modding now akin to leaking top secret info? EVERYONE just needs to relax...
2019-10-20 19:07:15 Saenz (Guest)
Ese mod fue creación mía y nadie tiene derechos de resubir el mod, ni ganar beneficios monetarios por ella, fácilmente puedo conseguir un grupo de personas que denuncien la página por plagio y falsificación de identidad y se quedan sin nada hasta que entiendan y aprendan. Si no me creen pregunten en los grupos de moderadores y creadores colombianos sobre fabio saenz el cual fue el creador de ese mod. Que falta de respeto y seriedad, total.
2019-10-20 19:59:35 Tim (Guest)
2019-10-20 20:22:10 Brown Beans (Guest)
@me That's a dumb argument. You don't need to fucking know everything about a product for it to be considered illegal distribution, that's a retarded argument. As long as you're using their brand name and designs for monetary gain, that's all that is needed to be considered illegal distribution. But maybe if paid modders got off their asses like everyone else and got a job, and weren't such parasites and hypocrites, then they would know this.
2019-10-20 20:41:40 Salty (Guest)
You guys are so lost. :p paid mods are the worst of the worst 99% of the times. Stop sleeping and wake up.. never ever buy mods, thats completely stupid and nonsense. Any modder can ask for optional donations but using mods to get profit is moronic, specially when those mods are most of the time garbaje.
2019-10-20 20:44:18 Rolyat (Guest)
Who is the stupid one saying that people cant do mods because they need the rights of international in this case? do you guys are so short? what about kenworth, volvo or whatever brand thousands of modders already use? you are using something that is already owned (the rights i mean) by SCS, and scs is letting you to make mods with it. As simple as that. We will not have a single mod if people needed rights to do em. Stop saying nonsense all around please, its getting old.
2019-10-21 00:10:08 POLICE! (Guest)
2019-10-21 02:38:30 RickRoller (Guest)
@Roylat Your brain doesn't seem capable of understanding common sense. Making mods for free is different than making mods for money if they're using the face or design of a real brand. You need a license from said brand if you're going to sell their product for money, E.G PAID MODS. Just like how iRacing gets licenses from Mclaren to sell their product in their game, or SCS can sell Kenworth trucks in American Truck Simulator. Notice the word PAID MOD, not free mod. This community is retarded.
2019-10-21 04:07:51 Curt
K-melons only trade marked thing is the name. nothing else. International will not waste money and sue someone over something this little get your head out of your ass. all international needs is "Big Trucking Manufacture sues game modder" in the press, that seems like a smart business idea.
2019-10-21 04:13:16 To Tim (Guest)
2019-10-21 13:33:53 me (Guest)
Brown Beans educate yourself. Read up on the laws governing this sort of thing. Go to turn 10 and find out what information or what level of technical specs requires licensing from manufacturers.
2019-10-21 18:51:30 Brown Beans (Guest)
@ The Retards Above Alright retards, go ahead and illegally sell someone else's copyrighted work like the entitled bitches you all are. You're the type of people who are happy selling someone's product without a license, name and all. But when someone takes your mods and redistributes them, you cry "OMG MOD STEALERS!!1111" like a bunch of little pussies, since your IQ's are so low that it's even amazing you're still able to type anything at all through your keyboards. So make sure to cry "OMG BRAND STEALERS!!111" whenever someone sells a paid mod with a Kenworth or Freightliner truck in it. Oh wait, you won't, because you're hypocrites with no moral compass that think they should be able to do whatever they want, but complain when they get the same treatment. Now, go get a brain transplant.
2019-10-22 21:51:49 el rial :v (Guest)
For Navitrans to denounce the MODDERS for plagiarism, they would first have to be the original 3d models made by the Navitrans engineers. They stop saying shit that they don't know the mods they see are created by the MODDERS themselves, not by Navitrans
2019-10-23 00:40:23 Jesse (Guest)
Navistar doesn't give a flying fuck. They aren't going to spend the money it cost to go to court because it would cost more than any modder makes from paid mods. Don't be retards.
2019-10-23 02:41:11 Curt
you're telling me a 10.7 Billion dollar company is gonna sue someone for making a couple dollars for making mods LOL. Okay go message Paccar. AB Volvo. Daimler AG. Volkswagen Group. and lets see if they give a flying fuck.
2019-10-23 06:44:37 Jesse (Guest)
fuck all you guys anyways. This website has gone to shit with all you autistic tards. Get fucked in the ass.
2019-10-23 10:21:59 SCUM (Guest)
2019-10-23 22:08:05 Little Jon (Guest)
Get Rewarded...... !!

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