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Kenworth K100-E v 0.96 [1.35]

Rating: 3/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2019-07-27 01:24:32, by mods82

What's new; 0.96
the 8x4 chassis,
quick job trucks,
some shading rework.

Changes in v0.95
- The odometer display is now standalone. So if you have a custom Volvo dash, it should not interfere.
- The headlight frames are now less meaty.
- Single exhaust is now available on all chassis.

Changes in v0.94
odometer display on the tachograph LCD.

Changes in v0.93
You can move your head further back. And mirror brackets were shortened. They actually kinda look better now.

Changes: v0.92
- Interior accessories are now back inside the cab, on the exterior view;
- Hook locator lowered by 55 millimeters. Trailers are now lower, to eliminate the gap between the 5th wheel & the trailer chassis.

Changelog  v0.91
Lamp material was fixed.
The interior shading is reworked.
I have managed to brighten it up around the dash, while somehow, retaining a satisfactory look. :shock:
Secondly, i changed shaders for the upholstery. From dif.spec.oclu, to dif.spec.mult.dif.spec. Wish i knew about this shader from the start.
And, with all the remarks about how "amazingly optimized" my interior is, i took the liberty and replaced the 1k upholstery AO texture, with a 2k texture.

- 6 chassis (4x2, short 6x4, normal 6x4. One set for 90" cabs, and one for 112" cabs)
- 4 cabs, based on real life counterparts (90", 90" Aerodyne, 112", and 112" Aerodyne)
- Matching interiors for all cabs, 2 styles, each with several color variants.
The interior models are slightly simplified compared to actual ones.
- Paint schemes, based on what you'd see on real K100 trucks.
- Wind deflectors & fairings, based on real life ones.
- Engines by Kriechbaum. The list is minimized, because i find the regular assortment overwhelming. I included the C15 cats, Straight pipe cats, and most of the Cummins.
- Transmissions. 10, 13, 18 speed eatons, 5 and 6 speed allisons. Each comes with 3 different axle ratios. Also, Allisons have a retarder, the Eatons don't.

The chassis models used, are from the base game.
Other parts that you might think are from the base game, indeed are.

Link 1 Truck
Link 2 Truck (mirror)

Link 3 Skin templates
Link 4  k100 custom plate

Credit for the 3D model of the engine + transmission block, goes to Harven.
Credit for the sounds, and engine defs, goes to Kriechbaum.


Kenworth K100-E v 0.96 [1.35], 1 photoKenworth K100-E v 0.96 [1.35], 2 photoKenworth K100-E v 0.96 [1.35], 3 photoKenworth K100-E v 0.96 [1.35], 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (16)

2019-07-27 06:23:36 Corey Weaver (Guest)
You stole Boras photo. Lmao Freddy you are such a tool!!!
2019-07-27 11:05:09 OhBoy (Guest)
Oh great someone broke another good modder's work by hacking it off steam. Thanks again
2019-07-27 14:13:31 gdore
why is this site flooded with one user, and half the time the mods do not work and crash the computer ?
2019-07-27 20:40:06 Only stuff I download from here is Jazzycat mods.
gdore. This site steals mods and than he acts like he did something great when in reality he obviously is a wannabe modder. lol. Always try and download from SCS Software Forums. That way you know you are getting the true mod
2019-07-27 21:45:38 Sandy (Guest)
no dude, nobody "steals" anything, you need to learn what means stealing a mod. Uploading mods to one site doesnt mean stealing. Please stop with it. Nobody likes this guy mods82 or whatever to upload everything he gets, but that doesnt mean he is actually stealing mods because he is not a modder and he does not modify anything from the mods he uploads. This is getting too old already.
2019-07-27 21:48:00 Argus (Guest)
OhBoy sorry but putting a mod in the steam workshop alone is just moronic and not a single modder should do that. Steam workshop is trash, as simple as that. You think you get trash from these sites?? you also get trash from the steam workshop. It doesnt mean anything at all. Steam workshop is a crappy site to download mods, and the only advantaje it has is that the mos are supossedly updated and you dont need to "worry" about it (the truth is completely different though lol.). But sorry, everyting steam does is garbage, including the workshop.
2019-07-28 04:29:25 Jolley
I would like to state that no one owns anything in this mod. All rights go to Kenworth... If anything whoever made this mod stole it from Kenworth themselves. I'm also sure it was used without permission from the company. So yeah stfu about mod stealing. lol
2019-07-28 09:20:56 Razorx92
Jolley knows a thing or two. Great point right there. lol.
2019-07-28 09:54:08 Dumb Argus (Guest)
Argus are you dumb not everything on the steam workshop is garbage if you think that then stop using steam and just go play on the console because you dont know any good mods off the workshop doesnt mean its garbage and its easier to put it on the workshop and you saying why do people put mods on the workshop its because they want to so you go make a mod then you can do what ever you want with it and This mod on here is not the actual author of the mod it is someone trying to make money by uploading it without permission so people you go talk about of nonsense how about you shut up about it when you know nothing about anything. Dumb Fuck
2019-07-29 11:30:06 Jolley is dumb and what kind of dumb name is that
Jolly you dont need permission to make stuff online is free will anyone can make it without permission but once you become a game dev thats where it changes and the person that made it then they own it and they are not claiming that the kenworth brand is there the mod itself so if you dont know anything then shut the fuck up because you are dumb. I can go make a skin or a truck that off the real thing and there not going to get mad over it because there going to say good work and second of all do you think companys go o you can use this no because its to much work to tell everyone not to use it even if they wanted to and if you actually open your eyes you can see in the actual mod authors description he is saying that the kenworth k100e that someone uplploaded that thats there mod not the company kenworth is there so when i read your message i just laugh and say are people really this dumb that they can do there research before saying something so dumb well all i can say its the world we live in with dumb people that are to lazy to look it up.
2019-07-29 18:59:19 Just for clarification... (Guest)
Here is the definition of what is protected by the "Kenworth" name as per the law. Intellectual property law exists in order to protect the creators and covers areas of copyright, trademark law, and patents. Thus, intellectual property is an umbrella term encompassing both copyright and industrial property, such as trademarks, patents, and inventions.
2019-07-29 22:00:00 Argus (Guest)
Jolley, you are completely clueless. So, right, anyone who made a mod since five years ago actually STOLE rights from Kenworth.. wtf you talking about? are you on drugs? Kenworth gave the rights to SCS, and not a single person who make a mod is stealing anything from Kenworth, because they are only making a model based on the original truck, thats all it is. In any case they should ask permission to SCS, who has kenworth rights, not to kenworth emselves. And again, anyone can design a model exactly looking like a real kenworth truck and he wont be stealing anything at all, wtf you talking about? lol, dude stop taking drugs.. seriously :p
2019-07-30 01:58:13 To Argus (Guest)
Unless you work for SCS you have no right to the rights they were granted from Paccar. Besides Paccar only allowed SCS to use to W900 and T680 as well as the 389 and 579. Nothing else, so unless you can get your shit right i think that covers the lesson on what was granted in the rights. it has been discussed on the forum on SCS's site. Paccar gave SCS the permission to use the trademark and identify those models only. So yes modders can get in trouble for making mods without the permission of the trademark holder. It has happened before John Deere went after a bunch of modders a few years back. But in any case I can assure you Kenworth did not sell away the rights to the name or those trucks, they granted use of the trademark and likeness. Before you comment you may want to read the forums first you would probably become informed on the process. Word on the forum is we may be getting a new truck soon, unfortunately looks like the Lonestar will win out. No Freightliner, unfortunate...
2019-07-31 17:14:09 To the person that said To Argus (Guest)
So is it me or are you just dumb look at all those models you can buy and why is those website still up or is it maybe because they are allowed to and even if they would ask they still could because its a game its not like real life where your making it and selling it to others so how about you get your non sense out of here and stop acting dumb and john deere is john deere there not as big as paccar and look at all those other modders out there that have called the dealership to ask questions and said it was for a game and they were actually proud of them and they didnt get in trouble so i think your just dumb and dont know what your talking about so before you tell someone that they dont how about you know what your talking about before you do and actually modders have all rigths to vehicles because if they didnt you would have just a stock game so yea vs the devs as modders and devs are 2 different things one adds it to the game how it comes and the other ones add it to the game and as more parts and different things to it so yea and peterbilts and kenworths have been in scs games for a long time and nothing has happened and look at the video on 18 wos haulin' they used someone video on someone using real companys and nothing has happened to them so yea stop talking about your non sense and shut up you dumb fuck that thinks they know everything about mods when they dont or what vehicles modders add. Cant fix stupid.
2019-07-31 18:14:51 To the Dumbass (Guest)
Do your research before insulting someone. The definition is exactly what is described not making it or not. Look into to trademark laws and copy writes before you say something. I was stating the facts that everyone seems to get wrong. Yes there is a difference but by the letter of the law there isn't. If a designer can get in trouble for using a color without permission it can happen. What is being said is that all the pay mods are making it harder for SCS to get more brands to sign on. Yeah you are right cant fix stupid. I have 3 college degrees and one is in Aeronautics and one is in Graphic Design and I had a copywrite law class and they covered that stuff. So yes I do know what I am talking about when it comes to the Laws of Intellectual Property which this falls under. I hate when someone spreads false or misleading statements that are obviously above their education level. Maybe you should stop sniffing glue
2019-08-02 03:08:00 Jolley
I just stated that Kenworth does own the rights and people can't profit from their work. It's just wrong to do. And I'm being accused of doing drugs, and now people are making fun of my name? I think I'm done with this website. This community is toxic.

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