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Kenworth W900 - 2019 [1.34]

Rating: 3/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2019-04-28 18:50:16, by mods82

- Standalone
- Purchase at Kenworth car dealerships
- Three types of cabs
- Seven types of chassis from 6x2 to 8x6
- Own interior (Several types)
- Its sounds and transmission
- Small tuning
- Painted
Test version 1.34

Link 1 Truck
Link 2 Truck (mirror)
Link 3 Template



Kenworth W900 - 2019 [1.34] , 1 photoKenworth W900 - 2019 [1.34] , 2 photoKenworth W900 - 2019 [1.34] , 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (10)

2019-04-28 19:36:29 Fake, no update (Guest)
Fake, no update. Upload stupid Russian thief by mods82 aka mods_ats, modsets, vasja555
2019-04-29 00:09:43 pete352 (Guest)
Mods82 you are a fucking thief who one of these days is going to get what you deserve!!! you are the lowest form of life you Scumbag!!
2019-04-29 04:04:55 Badger (Guest)
mods82 you fuckstain cant even get the name right ..W990 ,...DON'TDOWNLOAD HERE GOT TO THIS LINK ,...Franks Blogspot link for his FREE download of his W990..
2019-04-29 11:35:10 FlyGaming
Frank's version doesn't have the customizations that are on this truck, so go ahead and get the basic version from Frank if you want lol
2019-04-29 11:54:50 FlyGaming the child Rapest above (Guest)
Your word FlyGaming means nothing and never will, fuck off kid fucker,
2019-04-30 00:23:26 Guy who doesn't like FlyGaming. (Guest)
Bringing up your childhood experiences wont change the way things are done around here. We get it , you have some anger stemming from those negative sexual experiences and are venting through here. I suggest seeking professional help or sitting down with your mom and giving her the cold hard , , , , ,facts ,, , , , , kinda like i did with your mom but different. ;)
2019-05-03 10:17:10 FlyGaming
Lmmfao!! Do you guys really think I care about what you say on here, it just shows how really ignorant you are, I have better things to do than to waste my time here listening to you ignorant fucks, so just go right ahead and show more of your immaturity, better yet, wait until your balls drop and then maybe you'll have the maturity to say something, cause I guaran goddamn tee you that if ANY of you fucks were here in person I'd knock every one of your fucking heads off, so yeah just fuck off
2019-05-03 18:04:02 g i joe (Guest)
2019-05-05 09:18:14 guest (Guest)
you 2 idiots sound like straight up losers
2019-05-05 22:28:24 Danny (Guest)
You can tell who the REAL adult's are here lol. Guy's it's a MOD for a GAME not a BURN session. I think the moderator's on this forum need to do a better job.

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