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MACK Pinnacle CHU613 v1.28 [1.36]

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-11-23 14:44:27, by mods82

Changes in 1.28:
New hood mirrors.
The internal views are completely remodeled and functional
Additional nodes added for StylePak accessories and parts

Changes in 1.27:
- Fixed A/C Texture Panel;
- Fixed detached side mirror;
- Added Redd's Corner StylePak support.

Changes in 1.26
Hotfix to address GPS and Dashboard computer conflicts with other mods. (Credit David Horn and Wade Spivey for isolating the issue)

Changes in 1.25
Corrected reverser LED's that were on all the time.

Changes in 1.24
Corrected spoiler geometry that caused paint jobs to misalign and create a shadow on top of the spoiler
Fixed passenger side shadow and sideflares.
Now unlocks at Level 6

- Car dealership Mack;
- 2 cabins;
- 6 chassis;
- A large number of engines and transmissions;
- Own interior (4 options);
- Tuning;
- Accessories in the cabin;
- Cable support;
- Present in the gallery.

Link 3 Template

- The original model from Frank Peru.
- Sounds: Kriechbaum.
- Corrections from galimim.
- Fixed ReddLeggs.
- Special thanks to Piva for the dashboard of the computer.


MACK Pinnacle CHU613 v1.28 [1.36], 1 photoMACK Pinnacle CHU613 v1.28 [1.36], 2 photoMACK Pinnacle CHU613 v1.28 [1.36], 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (1)

2019-12-18 16:10:58 George (Guest)
Great mod. Far way better than Galimim's version. More customization options, no warnings about excessive indexes on chassis, and overall, a better mod. If you using Galimim's version, you should switch to this one. And no this is not a paid mod, the only paid parts are additions but the main mod already is very good and it isnt a paid mod.

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