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Outlaw Custom Peterbilt 379 v 3.1

Rating: 2/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-11-16 16:25:03, by mods82

For sale in Peterbilt
Own interior (several options)
Own wheels
Own sounds (depending on engine type)
It is registered in agency orders
Supports all DLC
Supports interior customization
A large number of accessories and tuning

This is a custom version of the beloved by many Peterblt 389

Outlaw Mods


Outlaw Custom Peterbilt 379 v 3.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (37)

2019-11-16 16:54:21 sean12282
i love them both outlaw and vipers trucks keep up the great work!!
2019-11-16 17:23:02 Balto
But it's uploaded by mods82...if it's works Good Job
2019-11-16 20:03:55 Curt
660mb Jesus
2019-11-16 22:38:57 tantalus
LOL. Actually the mod its 1,9 GB!!!!! because the archive is compressed. Sounds CANT be compressed, so you will need to extract the file and zip it again without compression. Those 660mb become almost 2 gb rofl....
2019-11-16 23:55:56 Curt
when I downloaded it I just got the scs file. total size is 705mb
2019-11-17 00:55:10 OUTLAWS MOD (Guest)
2019-11-17 01:11:41 George (Guest)
Trash mod, as all outlaws mods. Console literally filled with obsolete warnings, errors of all kind... another crappy update. What a surprise. And 1,9 gb.... LOL. Meh.
2019-11-17 01:13:43 Rolyat (Guest)
Curt, yes, you get the scs file, but the mod will not work correctly because sound files cant be compressed. You will get performance issues and sound errors because of this. You need to rename the file from .SCS to .ZIP, uncompress and compress again to .zip using store option, no compression. But since i guess you are clueless about what im talking about.. nvm.
2019-11-17 09:38:56 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Mods82 you need a nailgun to the head and ballsack, you thieving Bastard !!! Stop stealing peoples stuff you wretched swine POS !!!
2019-11-17 13:04:27 mods82
@mODS82ISSCUM Shut your mouth, stink
2019-11-17 13:59:19 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Stink?? Are you smelling your own butthole now ?? STFU AND get ran over by a bus... YOU old pedo looking pig !!! F**k off!!
2019-11-17 16:40:09 Crazy Carriers (Guest)
Look at all the bums crying about their shitty Facebook mods being released. Cry some more about your circlejerk mod that's basically a viper mod renamed as a 379, retards
2019-11-17 17:14:43 Salty (Guest)
Why people keep calling mods82 a thief in this case??? are you guys blind?? dont you see there is a "CREDITS" section on the description where it says "outlaw mods"???? This is getting ridiculous. Guys, many of you need to learn whats the difference between stealing and re-uploading.
2019-11-17 17:32:24 Curt
Rolyat, you are right i barely know what im doing haha. Salty is 100% right
2019-11-17 23:49:35 Wise1 (Guest)
Take this down now! But Chill with the racist shit.
2019-11-18 01:05:27 Curt
Wise1 mod82 only uploads these mods if they are public.
2019-11-18 01:29:51 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Curt just keep blowing Mods82's and being his punk b*tch and STFU!!! stupid son of a b***h get real !!!
2019-11-18 02:22:07 Balto
all it does is get rid of the 389 parts and add 359 parts
2019-11-18 06:43:43 Curt
I am real lol. im not blowing him. im stating the fact hes uploading mods that he got publicly. you are literally acting like a damn 12 year old. grow up. don't like that he uploads mods? Then stay off the website. simple. thats all.
2019-11-18 07:24:35 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Curt why don't you mind your business and/or take leap out into the front of an oncoming train! You F*ckin Stool Pigeon and take your lover Mods82 with ya !! You wanna talk about growing up, you should take your own advice a%%hole and get off the net and go outside and get some fresh air and enjoy life, instead of sitting and playing Video games while jerking off … because that's what you sound like you are. Also its because idiots like you and POSMods82 is what makes modders greedy and make their mods Paid/Private! oh yeah that's all !!
2019-11-18 17:44:39 Curt
2019-11-18 19:11:53 George (Guest)
mODS82ISSCUM, you are the one whos lost. Good modders never make paid mods, and good modders dont care a f1ck about stealers, because in first place they publish their mods in other sites, like the official SCS forums. And every single modder knows his mod is going to be reuploaded (not stolen, its a completely different thing, you need to learn the difference) somewhere else sooner or later. They need to live with it. Because it happens since memorial times. So no, this is not what is ruining the modding community. What is ruining the modding community is all those kid modders making crap mods and all those rubish modders making paid mods (that are always worst than mods that arent).
2019-11-19 12:38:55 People These Days (Guest)
Actually all you people talking about credits actually he didnt give credits where credits are do since Outlaws Mods gave the truck to OHMWords Modding and they are going to keep it updated pretty much just let the truck disappear and for everyone to forget about it and you will see the version 3.2 ever but if you want to talk about credits they didnt give proper credits so i think all of you that were talking about credits should do your research before saying things also most mods uploaded by mods82 are and older version just edited thats why it has more errors since i have the 3.1 version and have barely any errors so how about you people stop downloading mods from mods82 and simply do a google search and then you can get the truck that updated since this one aint the updated one for 1.36 its the one for 1.35 so you wonder why it has errors. Plus for the people that saying its crap your only saying that because your pc is a potato and you get 10 fps since your running mods for an older version of the game. And not to mention for all the people that said outlaws truck was renamed from vipers no actually outlaw got permission from viper to make something bigger and viper gotten mad cuz his truck was better and viper was actually going to stop updating it but never did even though he was supposed to stop updating at 2.0 but never did.
2019-11-19 16:19:43 Curt
all mods82 does it gets the link and posts here. so your not actually downloading from mods82
2019-11-19 16:50:54 mods82
@Curt I fixed a bug that caused some users to crash, but now I think it's worth uploading the fixed one
2019-11-20 15:07:06 Only Fixed It Because Someone Told you (Guest)
Only fixed it because someone told you who now owns the Outlaw Peterbilt 379 XD lol what a joke if i didnt tell you then you wouldnt know where to get a fix for it but actaully the people that own outlaws 379 will actually get this deleted since they dont like people posting the truck on sites since outlaw doesnt own it
2019-11-20 17:27:05 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Curt, QUIT taking up for your lover boy WankerMods82 !! Grow a set and quit sucking him off! People like you scumbag82 need to go Away … forever! Your part of the problem that plagues the ATS Community, so shut your lips Bro !!
2019-11-20 17:45:28 sbutler860
Money does seem to attract people, for some reason. Now, on the internet, it's fairly easy to make money through morally corrupt means, and not have to face people with the consequences. These means may not be illegal, but they certainly leave something to be desired morally. So, for example, sites like Sharemods will pay you if you pass links their way. It's a form of advertising. Advertising makes money. A lightbulb goes off over someone's head. Ah, they think, all I've got to do is link to these mods, make it like I've made them and uploaded them, and the money starts pouring in. But, thinks the person who obviously has no other means to make money, I've got to be clever; I must make them look very much like I've made them, otherwise people are just going to think I stole them and I won't get lots of easy money. And it becomes even easier once people start abusing him. Once you start threatening violence, using the n-word or wishing them dead, you've lost the argument before you even start. Don't forget, young mods82 does enjoy the notoriety a little bit; he'd have to, otherwise he would keep changing his identity all the time and upload with different usernames. So, for mods82, it's a win-win situation. The best thing to do would be to ignore him, don't download his mods at all and let him quietly sink away into penniless obscurity. But that won't happen as long as people keep swearing at him and wishing him dead. x
2019-11-20 20:49:58 Team Pelosi/Trump2020 "#Letsfuckingdothis&quo
Lord thunderin fuck sticks are you ever out there. Mods82 uploads mods that are out there like every other fucking page out there. This goes for many different types of sims as well. Its how it works. You want to run a page for free that i can frequent and download the most current mods out there ? For spin tires , ATS and FS19 and FS17 and ETS2. I use all these sims , some more than others but i need a page i can go to when it comes to mods so i gunna com to yours , k ? The apparent lack of comprehension put out by some people who visit this page is out -fucking-standing !
2019-11-20 21:05:43 tantalus
sbutler860, again, mods82 doesnt have any mods, he only uploads them... zzzzz.
2019-11-21 01:15:08 Curt
@mods82iscum Talking shit again? LOL okay buddy "Mr ImToughShitBehindTheComputerScreen" haha what a loser
2019-11-21 14:38:22 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Curt I will fucking rape your asshole. Stfu I'll come right through your PC screen and fuck you and your family.
2019-11-21 15:53:07 Curt
2019-11-21 16:04:48 In me I trust (Guest)
@mODS82ISSCUM get the fuck outta here little bitch if you dont want to get gangbanged.
2019-11-21 19:44:43 Curt
I will not be apart of that
2019-11-22 00:38:24 Schiffty Schiff (Guest)
So , ,at the last cockus meeting we decided to impeach the guy who doesn't like Mods82 . We do have recorded phone calls and a person who likes to blow whistles. Oh shit , , i gotta go , , looks like those guards are singing like Dolly Parton on Christmas mornin , they about to get suicided...... Epstein didnt kill himself.
2019-11-22 02:06:40 Guest101 (Guest)
Hey Guys, I just found out Epstein Didn't Kill himself …. Good Night.

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