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Peterbilt 389 Modified v 2.2.56 [1.37]

Rating: 4/5, based on 16 votes
uploaded 2020-03-09 20:36:51, by mods82

Changelog 2.2.6
Updated to 1.37 Window animations & engines and sounds Scs software

- Purchased in the cabin of Peterbilt
- 7 cabins
- 12 kinds of chassis
- 2 types of interior (old / modern panel) with lots of settings
- Own sounds
- Own wheels
- Extensive tuning

Work 1.37

Link 1:  Truck
Link 2:  Truck (mirror)

Link 3:  Custom_Shifter_Pack
Link 4:  Alcoa Wheel

3D model Ivan (Haulin)
ATS/GTS and building: Kenworth58(2)
GTS : Iljaxas
Parts: Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier
Convert в ETS 2: "dmitry68", "Stas556"
Sound: Kriechbaum
Support: Solutech
Change: maxx2504, ED101, Kriechbaum, V2obert, Harven, viper2


Peterbilt 389 Modified v 2.2.56 [1.37], 1 photoPeterbilt 389 Modified v 2.2.56 [1.37], 2 photoPeterbilt 389 Modified v 2.2.56 [1.37], 3 photoPeterbilt 389 Modified v 2.2.56 [1.37], 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (4)

2020-03-10 18:40:08 Yanred Lover (Guest)
Crap Pete389 Viper full of horrible Errors, log full of faults... don't download this ****!!!!!
2020-03-11 00:29:45 BORA Mods are Garbage (Guest)
Having that idiot Bora in the credits already tells me that this is junk, anything with his name on it has been absolute garbage
2020-03-16 21:08:18 Danny (Guest)
You haven't even been around long enough to talk trash about bora you moose tit. Bora was making quality mods when you were still ****ting yellow. Even if it did suck it is still better than anything you could do.
2020-03-16 23:22:20 Spud von Huttanhagen (Guest)
Thanks for schooling these tools Danny.

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