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Volvo VNL 2019 v2.22 [1.36]

Rating: 4/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2019-11-05 20:36:05, by mods82

Changelog v2.22:
Updated dashboard computer with features introduced in patch 1.36
Added wiper shadow for interior view
Separated headlights from the chassis
Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo as an option
Added xenon headlights as an option

Changes in 2.21:
Tweaks and fixes to the dashboard computer
Updated collison of the hood
Added collisions to bumpers
Fixed steering wheel rotation to insure compatibility with DLCs
Updated reflectivness of the painted parts

Changes in 2.20:
Fixed dealer and company files to insure compatibility with other mods
Improved lights on the back of the cab
Separated chrome intake part
Separated bumper part
Added paint and plastic options for bumper part

Changes in 2.19
Updated engines and gearboxes
New Cummins X15 sounds thanks to Kriechbaum
Separated front grill
Separated grill mesh
Added paint and plastic options for front grill
Added paint and plastic options for front grill mesh

Changelog v2.18
Fixed traffic model
Added compatibility with the chainsaw toy.

Changelog 2.17:
Added Realistic Headlight Beam Pattern by hastantyo
Changed location on the template for Flow below parts
Improved the look of blinker indicators on mirrors
Added collision boxes for main mirrors
Added collision boxes for hood mirrors
Added collision boxes for bullbars
Adjusted mirror locators for even view
Improved the logo on the steering wheel
Improved startup animation
Updated shift points

Cleanup of textures
Changed cabin files to 740, 760 and 860.sii
Added Adaptive Loading and Tag chassies
Added proper engines
Removed engines that are not available in real life
Cleanup of interior textures
Added proprer dashboard lights
Reworked animations
Added VNL steering wheel

Link 1 Truck
Link 2 Truck (mirror)
Link 3 SISL & DLC Cabin addon

Link 4 Template

FRANCK PERU, Update galimim


Volvo VNL 2019 v2.22 [1.36], 1 photoVolvo VNL 2019 v2.22 [1.36], 2 photoVolvo VNL 2019 v2.22 [1.36], 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (4)

2019-11-06 06:21:38 Trelane (Guest)
It is still an fps killer, sorry, but already much better than the 1.35 version. Thanks for that. But there are still some bugs: - On my system (i7 6700K, RX 590, FHD, 400% scaling and all other settings to maximum) are displayed 60 fps, but it comes at times to only 30-40 fps felt and the picture jerks accordingly, although supposedly still 60 fps to run. It jerks and does not always run smoothly. Especially not if a little more AI traffic is added. - Even in the main menu, the fps sometimes jerky a bit when the Volvo is selected as the vehicle. - In driving mode, I always have a slight tearing in the horizontal and vertical. If you could fix these bugs, then this mod is really great.
2019-11-10 15:11:17 Apollo97
Great mod, not getting bad fps at all. I have a question though, any reason my grill isn't a glossy chrome? My mirrors all are nice glossy chrome but the rim of the grill isn't?
2019-11-16 00:22:55 mODS82SucksCUM (Guest)
DO NOT Download these garbage POS reuploaded mods from this C*ck muncher stealingmods82 !!!
2019-12-02 09:31:34 Luc25 (Guest)
Trelane (Guest) The truck is really optimized compared to how it was before. What really consumes a lot of FPS are the map mods that add new loads. These new charges usually appear at a great distance decreasing up to 20 FPS less. In case of entering a city with many companies, having many cargo mods such as Jazzycat the FPS go to the floor. What I do to avoid this is to have my own trailer and I deactivate all the loads that are not for loading on my trailer. I use all kinds of traffic mods and the FPS do not go down almost 60. I have a 4790K, RX 470 + NITRO 8GB, and 16 GB of RAM 1866 Mhz. If the mods you use create new companies it is even worse. Like those of Mantriz for C2C. I directly delete the company_mandriz.sii file as soon as I install the map because the lag created by these companies is really unfortunate. These companies do not have remote lod files and their charges appear since you enter their spawn range. Very badly done those map mods for that part. The maps of Mexico have the same problem.

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