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Map Southern Region v.6.0.0 [1.26.x]

Rating: 5/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2017-01-03 20:29:10, by mods82


Important: this map requires DLC North, East & France!

Map features:
    new places: Gelendzhik, Karachaevsk, Upper Mara, Teberda, Dombay, Nadzhigo, Khadjiko, Ashe, Mammadov slit Lazorevskoe, Rostov-na-Donu, Belaya Kalitva, Morozovsk
    now compatible with Promods 2.15
    partially or full rebuild of: Novorossiysk, Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar, Krymsk
    almost all roads rebuild
    lot of general improvements and reworks
    connected by road with RusMap

Need download all 3 parts!


  • Map: SimKA

  • Models: RusMap,SimKA,klipstoeun8839,Koral,OSTeam,FLD,TZ,jon_ruda,Jazzycat,Sergei Afanasev,Vladzz-G

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (12)

2017-01-04 20:43:13 Piotr12
Dobra mapa,lecz pytanie z jakimi mapami będzie można połączyć prócz ProMods 1.15
2017-01-05 00:03:49 etsdriver (Guest)
very slow server on sharemods, for other mods are faster. please reupload this map to faster server
2017-01-05 12:21:41 Waymor (Guest)
The download is okay, you need to download all 3 parts. There are 2 Folders, each one is 1,03Gb big, the 3rd one is a small one (some Mb). If you put them in right order( I got them below PromodMap) and they show up Ingame and the Game work`s. So far so good. But there is no Road, no Highway,...... NO WAY you can across from one side of the Country to the other side so this make no sense yet. It is a pity, the Map is real good work, but without the possibility to cross between Country's making really no sense. So please bring out a Patch or fix it some how...soon Mr. SimKA Waymor
2017-01-06 11:48:20 subhamoy (Guest)
Working fine on ets vive la france dlc but there is no road no highway please fix it
2017-01-06 13:20:40 victor (Guest)
не совместима с vive la france
2017-01-07 01:05:45 mods82
@victor Compatible and requires DLC France!
2017-01-08 10:31:27 bowbow raja (Guest)
I am the developer for southern region maps. The error has been fixed. Kindly, redownload.
2017-01-10 23:37:29 bekass34
Карта абсолютно не оптимизирована. Одни лаги... Map totally optimized. Some logs ...
2017-01-14 20:37:33 AdrianUsho (Guest)
How can I connect this region with the rest of the europe map?
2017-01-17 08:43:30 Евгений
Вот связка карт. ProMods + RusMap ========================================================= ProMods+RusMap Connection RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package ProMods Definition Package (you are using Rusmap") ProMods Map Package ProMods Media Package ProMods Models Package 2 ProMods Models Package 1 ProMods Assets Package RusMap Def Package ========================================================= RusMap + Southern Region Map ========================================================= RusMap Map Package RusMap Def Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package Southern Region map [Def and Map] Southern Region map_[Model1] Southern Region map_[Model2] ========================================================= MHA map by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap ========================================================= RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package RusMap Def Package MHAPro EU 2.2.2-Part 5 MHAPro EU 2.2.2-Part 4 MHAPro EU 2.2.2-Part 3 MHAPro EU 2.2.2-Part 2 MHAPro EU 2.2.2-Part 1 =========================================================== Truck Sim Map + RusMap =========================================================== RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package RusMap Def Package TSM def&mat TSM map TSM model 01 TSM model 02 TSM model 03 TSM model 04 TSM prefab&more
2017-01-20 15:13:15 david (Guest)
Hi bow bow raja can u plss show a solution to cross the country I redownloaded it
2017-02-11 14:18:32 Cody Crouse (Guest)
Gr8 map. I love this map.

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