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MAPA EAA NORMAL v5.1 upd27.07.19 [1.35]

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uploaded 2019-07-29 05:22:57, by mods82

Changes v27.07.19
Fixed found bugs
Fixed invisible wall

Changes v5.1
* - Fully functional in both DX11 and DX9
* - Curitiba remodeled
* - Curitiba Bus Station with bus traffic (just pass, do not stop)
* - São José dos Pinhais refurbished
* - Serra de Paranaguá redone
* - Serra do Azeite redone
* - Re-established the Registry Support points (Petropen and Buenos Aires)
* - Serra de São Luis do Purunã redone
* - Access to Ponta Grossa refurbished
* - Created the headquarters of the EAA in Ponta Grossa
* - The viaduct of access to Chapecó
* - Bus traffic passing within the Tiete Bus Station
* - Remaining surroundings of Além Paraíba and Mega point of support
* - Redevelopment BR-040 in the Duque de Caxias region and access to Teresópolis
* - Finalized editions in the region of Petrópolis
* - Refurbished BR-040 in the region of Juiz de Fora and the accesses to the city
* - Re-section of BR-040 between Barbacena and Conselheiro Lafaiete (inclusion of Cupim and Cristiano Otoni (figurative)
* - He remade all Rio-Santos (he collaborated with part of the remodeling Rodrigo Gomes)
* - Improvements in the city of Santos (collaboration of Rodrigo Gomes)
* - City of São Sebastião-SP Realistic
* - Improvements in the city of Caraguatatuba
* - Completed between Boa Vista and Manaus (not Alpha anymore)
* - Added support point in Leopoldina-MG
* - Road contour of Campo Grande-MS
* - Revised the entire section of Campo Grande to Rondonópolis, with duplication of the entire stretch in the state of Mato Grosso
* - Rebuilt city of Itaobim
* - Point of support in Volantes Point
- Some cards may contain names errors, with European names (please print and report in the support email)
- Some movers (people, flags, etc) can be found flying or even on the road (take print and report in the support email, please)

Miscellaneous Changes:
- About 2000 km of new roads (Total already exceeds 80,000 km)
- Creation of the Road Contour of Coronel Fabriciano and Ipatinga
- Duplication of the stretch of the BR-381 in the passage through Nova Era
- Improvements in BR-381 from João Monlevade to Governador Valadares
- Improvements in the Anhanguera Highway between Campinas and Divisa SP / MG
- New access to Ribeirão Preto
- Changed the entrancamento of Rodovia dos Bandeirantes with Anhanguera
- Fixed the advance of time (very fast) within Belo Horizonte
- Correction of error in the garages of Santa Maria de Jetibá, ibia, Salete and Itajubá.
- Smoothing curves in the BR-101 South of Bahia (without losing the sinuous characteristic of the region)
- Addition of GRAAL 125 on Bandeirantes Highway
- Clover of Sete Lagoas redone to finish with the track bottlenecks
- Dozens of cities with a name changed from a high-pitched box to a low-pitched pit
- Dozens of straight on various roads removed the "bellies" in the curves
- Improvements in the Ring Road of Belo Horizonte
- Creation of the Expressway of Belo Horizonte (Ficticía)
- Dozens of other small improvements that were not computed

New version of EAA Normal update is released, working  with v1.35 of the game.


Link 1 Map
Link 2 Base

EAA Team


MAPA EAA NORMAL v5.1 upd27.07.19 [1.35], 1 photoMAPA EAA NORMAL v5.1 upd27.07.19 [1.35], 2 photoMAPA EAA NORMAL v5.1 upd27.07.19 [1.35], 3 photoMAPA EAA NORMAL v5.1 upd27.07.19 [1.35], 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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2019-08-11 20:04:28 ThatOneBrit (Guest)
Great way to download EAA, thanks mate!

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