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MAPA EAA v5.3 [1.36]

Rating: 4/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-12-22 14:11:59, by mods82

Changes 5.3
Fixed bugs

Changelog v5.2
New Roads + 10,000 Km

Route 30 Peru Interoceanic Highway - From Assis Brasil (AC) to Nazca (Peru)
Ruta 3 Peru - From Juliaca to Cusco
Ruta 11 Argetina - From Assumption to Santa Fe
Ruta 12/14 Argentina - From Zarate to Gualeguaychu
Ruta 2 Argentina - From Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata
Ruta 228/3 Argentina - From Mar del Plata to Bahia Blanca
Ruta 22/237/40 Argentina - From Bahia Blanca to Bariloche
Ruta 5 Argentina - From Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa - 615 Km
Ruta 35/154 Argentina - From Santa Rosa to Ruta 22 (La Adela)
Ruta 40/231/215 Argentina / Chile - From Bariloche to Osorno
Route 5 - Panamericana Sur Chile - From Santiago to Quelon
Route 68 Chile - From Santiago to Valparaiso
Ruta 152 Chile - From Chillan to Concepcion

45 New Cities
- San Bernardo (Chile) - Figurative
- Rancagua (Chile)
- Curicó (Chile)
- Talca (Chile)
- Linares (Chile)
- Chillan (Chile)
- Concepcion (Chile)
- Los Angeles (Chile)
- Temuco (Chile)
- Osorno (Chile)
- Puerto Montt (Chile)
- Pargua (Chile)
- Chacao (Chile) - Figurative
- Ancud (Chile)
- Castro (Chile)
- Quellon (Chile)
- Chivilcoy (Argentina)
- Nueve de Julio (Argentina)
- Trenque Lauquen (Argentina) - Figurative
- Catriló (Argentina)
- Santa Rosa (Argentina)
- Ataliva Roca (Argentina)
- Peru (Argentina) - Figurative
- Colorado River (Argentina) - Figurative
- Choele Choel (Argentina)
- General Roca (Argentina)
- Neuquen (Argentina)
- San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)
- Chascomus (Argentina)
- Dolores (Argentina)
- Las Armas (Argentina)
- Colonel Vidal (Argentina)
- Mar del Plata (Argentina)
- Necochea (Argentina)
- Tres Arroyos (Argentina)
- Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
- Gualeguaychu (Argentina)
- Reconquista (Argentina)
- Resistencia (Argentina)
- Formosa (Argentina)
- Clorinda (Argentina) - Figurative
- Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
- Marcapata (Peru) - Figurative
- Cusco (Peru)
- Puquio (Peru)

- Revised and improved the entire stretch of Rio Branco to Assis Brasil (taken from Alpha)
- Revised and improved the entire stretch of Santa Fe to Buenos Aires (taken from Alfa)
- Revised and improved the entire stretch from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (taken from Alfa)
- Redo the whole stretch from Mendoza to Los Andes (Nova Cuesta Caracoles)
- Added scale in Via Dutra near Resende (not yet functional)
- Bus traffic inside the Rio de Janeiro Bus Station
- Redone the city of Buenos Aires
- Ferry connecting Buenos Aires to Montevideo (optional use, since in real life there is no ferry for trucks)
- Hundreds of miscellaneous fixes

New version of EAA Normal update is released, working  with v1.36 of the game.


Link 1 Map
Link 2 Base

EAA Team


MAPA EAA v5.3 [1.36], 1 photoMAPA EAA v5.3 [1.36], 2 photoMAPA EAA v5.3 [1.36], 3 photoMAPA EAA v5.3 [1.36], 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (8)

2019-12-23 08:04:08 The travellers (Guest)
Secod file (BASE) crash !!!!!
2019-12-23 09:14:06 mods82
@The travellers Both files must be downloaded and installed.
2019-12-23 18:33:39 Martin (Guest)
Does it work with Promods??
2019-12-23 19:18:49 mods82
@Martin Yes with this fix
2019-12-27 00:52:35 claudio (Guest)
buenísimo !!!
2020-01-03 04:57:16 ferr (Guest)
only 1 file..
2020-01-19 19:11:43 Trucker Franz (Guest)
Seit wann wird mit einer Map Sounds am Truck verändert, wenns eine Map sein soll und keine Soundfix Mod. Wenn ich die Map drin habe verändert sich der Sound von der Liftachse und Handbremse, Schaltersound von den Blinkern und das geht mal garnet. Wenn ich ein anderen Sound möchte hol ich mir den. Wenn ich eine Map möchte, dann nur eine Map. Deshalb konnte ich diese Map nicht testen ob sie was ist. Deinstalation sofort. Gruß Trucker Franz
2020-01-29 02:47:07 pabloop (Guest)
Does it work if I have the original game map without modification?

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