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Mario Map 12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26)

Rating: 4/5, based on 71 votes
uploaded 2016-12-08 01:35:57, by mods82

Mario Map12.1 compatible with DLC France
Unpack the archive, scs files into a folder, add mod
To install the files in the manager from the bottom to the top 01-10
Map tested on version 1.26.2s + DLC France
Need download all 3 parts for correct work

Author Mario Bogdanov


Mario Map 12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26), 1 photoMario Map 12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26), 2 photoMario Map 12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26), 3 photoMario Map 12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26), 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (25)

2016-12-08 18:43:04 (Guest)
merci pour le telechargement
2016-12-09 17:00:10 Rubber Duck (Guest)
Hallo bei mir stürzt das spiel immer ab wenn ich die mod drinne hab woran könnte das liegen?
2016-12-11 11:22:31 @Rubber Duck (Guest)
Es liegt an der 1.26
2016-12-11 18:44:04 diss (Guest)
download still wont work..
2016-12-11 18:48:10 diss (Guest)
can you upload it to some functional server ot torrent pls?
2016-12-11 18:49:36 diss (Guest)
stuck at 112mb on 2nd part. keeps crashing
2016-12-11 18:50:57 diss (Guest)
and crashed, no point even trying...
2016-12-12 21:43:23 mods82
Need DLC France! Fixes for this map
2016-12-12 23:11:10 Peeter (Guest)
morozov_express_6.6 is out latest and please update in your map pack too
2016-12-13 11:27:02 Ajdin1234
Can you write minimum system requirements for pc with this map ?
2016-12-21 14:47:06 BlindG. (Guest)
Game doesn´t start with the Map (V 1.26.3 with France DLC)
2016-12-21 18:58:13 daniel (Guest)
no sirve
2016-12-21 19:47:40 tobi (Guest)
crashed in Moskau.
2016-12-22 09:48:19 jacek (Guest)
plik def ?
2016-12-23 19:00:51 Maxe (Guest)
Great Map but unplayable, massive loadtimes, crashes and lags...the size of this map is awesome, but the load of errors is to much. sorry
2016-12-26 19:04:53 victor198134 (Guest)
in some places of map, there are invisible walls!
2016-12-27 21:42:28 zizi (Guest)
dis mod shit
2017-01-18 17:25:27 James (Guest)
Mod does not work freeze games and crashes to desktop
2017-01-21 12:47:25 Ferry (Guest)
Please fix it :,(
2017-02-04 16:40:58 Rakesh (Guest)
game does't loading,ihave waited for 10 minutes to load. but it crashes. please fix it.!
2017-02-05 12:23:45 wolf (Guest)
ja diese abstütze,beseitigt diese mieselage die map könnte fehlerfrei voll der hit sein
2017-02-05 21:58:47 wolfgang (Guest)
hab die map geladen,sie läuft auf patch 1.26 wenn nur nicht ein riesen fehler aufgetreten wäre man hat zb. die map hungary kopiert und als amerika bezeichnet die ist mir aufgefallen in dever.........alles im ungarnstil........ amerika weites land wenig vegitation highway idee war gut hat arbeit gemacht,aber kein amerika trotzdem befahrbar danke
2017-02-19 01:15:23 Dennis [GER] (Guest)
Mod is stolen from the original author and 2. the map is exclusive for a Facebook group , not for all
2017-03-11 04:06:49 wolfgang (Guest)
este mapa es lo mazimo
2017-04-01 05:36:24 Joseph (Guest)
Hi This Map is great but not compatible with DLC Vive La France , i find when i travel from denver to paris that i don't have a way out of the train place , i have to press F7 to land in the repair place , after that i found many signs in the middle of roads till i found a huge stone barrier , i press F7 again and land in Milano , issues continue when i still found barriers blocking the road without beeing able to solve it with F7 , once the place to land was to Milano again , i end giving up to play Mario Map and that should be removed permanently from download servers for peoples don't wast their times or get someone to fix it to made it playable , it is a pity that a huge work put in this map end like this because a dlc that come out and no one even bother to correct it to be compatible and keep saying that is compatible with DLC vive la france what is not truth , also i want to let people know that the map take a huge time to load (for be about 30 minutes ) and i don't have a weak computer , don't bother download this map if you have weak computers . That's it guys , it«s a nice map in general but some unsolved issues are making people give up of playing it

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