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Russian Open Spaces v5.0 [1.27]

Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2017-05-07 14:08:00, by mods82


map Russian Open Spaces!
- Added 15 new cities in Russia
- Added more 10 000 km new roads in Russia & Europe
- Improved grass
- Improved vegetation
- Improved weather
- New standalone trailers include in map
- New Russian traffic
- New ports
- Fixed bugs

Compatibility: RusMap, EAA and other maps

Game version:  1.27.x



Russian Open Spaces v5.0 [1.27], 1 photoRussian Open Spaces v5.0 [1.27], 2 photoRussian Open Spaces v5.0 [1.27], 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (13)

2017-05-07 16:12:41 ravnatz (Guest)
the bridge between new urengoy to gubkinsky seems not yet finishing. i cannot cross.. pls fix. u got a great mod. thanks
2017-05-07 19:22:38 Rolf (Guest)
Ja das stimmt. Diese Brücke ist unpassierpar !!!!!
2017-05-07 19:35:45 mods82
@ravnatz @Rolf Hi. It's not a mistake! We need to go back a little to the intersection and turn left, there's a hidden bypass road! Traffic turns there.
2017-05-08 07:02:51 Piotr12
Działa z Promods 1.26 ets2 v.127 jak tak to jaka kolejnosc instalaccji
2017-05-08 14:42:39 Rolf (Guest)
Danke für den Tipp- Soll jemand draufkommen. Wo sind die Müllhalden geblieben mods82 ?
2017-05-08 15:55:12 ravnatz (Guest)
nice mod.. very creative hehehe.. this is the true map mod...
2017-05-10 17:46:20 mods82
@Rolf I do not remember exactly, I know that before reaching the dismantled bridge turn right
2017-05-11 16:27:18 ravnatz (Guest)
yes. just follow the traffic.. turn left. nice mod.. im suprise about the detour.
2017-05-13 17:16:06 Pireas2014 (Guest)
from Tyne ferry to SHILESHBURG..( i think if i spelled that correct in English) crashes with any other mod ..the rusmap 1.7 only and the promzona 1.27 with RM only it doesnt work... leaves a gap between the maps... so....
2017-08-16 22:43:23 Łukasz (Guest)
Czy ta mapa to jest wersja v 5.0 czy jeszcze stara 4.0
2017-08-26 20:18:54 Blind Guardian (Guest)
Is there a version for 1.28 coming? i really hope so, i love driving the long lonely roads
2017-09-01 12:31:34 Łukasz (Guest)
Mapy nie ma jeszcze ROS 5.0 wersji to jest stara 4.0
2017-12-30 14:45:46 Was für eine Scheiße (Guest)
Alter diese Map ist mal der aller letzte schrott So eine Zeitverschwendung die mod laggt wie die sau und langweilig n och dazu 5 FPs teilweise und keine Parkplätze die fukionieren ich könnte noch 50 weitere aufzählen aber das ist mir zu doof

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