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Krone MegaLiner 2017 by Sogard3 v1.5 [1.32]

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uploaded 2018-10-20 18:38:35, by mods82

Changelog v1.0
-Purchasable and job market working.
-2 versions: 3 and 2 axle.
-Custom parts.
-3 Number plates(SCS plate, from skin and from texture).
-2 side reflective stripes(Yellow and white).
-2 rear reflective stripe(Red and yellow).
-1 rear reflective banner.
-2 types of rear boxes.
-2 types of front boxes(Only 1 for 2 axle version).
-Saf wheels from abasstreppas with 3 hubs(Red, black and grey).
-Custom paintjobs(4 colors).

Changelog v1.1

-Started from 0 and reworked with DLC parts.
-Added more bumpers.
-Added 1axle chassis.
-Removed reflective stripes(Will be added back in next update).
-Added more boxes and sideskirts.
-Changed template.
-Removed the smyro paintjobs(Will be added back in next update).

Changelog v1.2

-Added more tuning options.
-Added more sideskirts/boxes.
-Added reflective stripes/banners.
-Added more bumpers(Also for ProfiLiner but only with SCS plates).
-Added skins(Special thanks to R3AP3R, smyro & schwedentrucker_09)
-Added stickers with "Mega Liner" and TUV NORD certificates.
-Fixed rear mudflaps visual conflict.
-Fixed bugs.

Changelog v1.3

-Fixed hook position(Only owned).
-Adjusted brightness on skin nr plate(Credits to Donovan)
-Fixed the lightmask for taillights.

Changelog v1.4

-Added Multos body.
-Added ADR plates.
-Added Oval stickers.
-Added long mudflaps.
-Added closed/open hole for crane in fenders(Only 3 axle chassis).
-New template with correct proportions(Psd, png and dds inside zip file).
-Added more skins.
-SCS skins removed(They dont fit anymore with the new template).

Changelog v1.5

-Fixed OpenGL issues.
-Added more skins!



Krone MegaLiner 2017 by Sogard3 v1.5 [1.32], 1 photoKrone MegaLiner 2017 by Sogard3 v1.5 [1.32], 2 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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2018-10-20 19:33:32 BEAST

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