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КамАЗ 5410 HQ edit PikPikker [1.35]

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uploaded 2019-07-08 11:33:26, by mods82

Update / adaptation of one of the best KamAZ for 1.35. Was carried out a thorough work on the processing of fashion, namely:
- adaptation to 1.35 (file format and registration wipers)
- the on-board computer works again and does not cause departures
- reduced the length of the janitors, now the animation looks even more realistic
- is on sale in the KAMAZ motor show ("Dealers of brands from modifications")
- fixed excessive chassis softness and weight
- fixed animation
- fixed tuning

List of additions:

- changed the registration of the truck on kamaz.5410hq
- new engines: 3 KamAZ engines, 1 BMZ and 1 YaMZ (all have a registration of torque curves)
- different sounds for KamAZ and YaMZ engines
- new transmissions (5 different)
- Added a localization module: now the names of the truck and modules are displayed correctly, and also differ depending on what localization you use (Russian for the Russian version of the game, for the rest - English)
- appears in agency orders and in the gallery

Known issues:
The error in the log is too large for the size of the model file, and the truck has no cables

The rest is a fully functional truck for version 1.35, perfectly worked out and delivering a lot of driving pleasure.
Powered by DX11, good optics and lighting,
support numbers, good tuning and so on.

Test version: 1.35

JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, _69_mf_ - original mod
PikPikker - adaptation to 1.35
The sounds of YaMZ are taken from: MAZ 504B - 515B (authors: Fox071rus, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Kosa6414, Maximix93, Koral, Prime044)


КамАЗ 5410 HQ edit PikPikker [1.35] , 1 photoКамАЗ 5410 HQ edit PikPikker [1.35] , 2 photoКамАЗ 5410 HQ edit PikPikker [1.35] , 3 photoКамАЗ 5410 HQ edit PikPikker [1.35] , 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (1)

2019-07-08 21:21:30 George (Guest)
Instead of keep doing terrible mods, please just leave the modding community or just make the crappy mods for yourself. Dont upload em anywhere, please. Its embarrasing. Version after version the same crappy unpolished broken mod.

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