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Scania 2 Series 112 - 142 edit mjtemdark [1.32.x]

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uploaded 2018-11-19 20:50:41, by mods82

Scania 2 series(112,142) E, HW
Includes chassis [4×2 (normal, lowered), 6×2 (normal, lowered), 6×4 (normal, lowered, high [E]), 6×6 (high [E]), 8×4
Normal cabin and topline
Motors 360-450
Transmissions (8,9,12,10,16 speeds)
Independent interior (white, black) independent sound and V8 sound
Steering Wheels (series 2 and 3 series) (white, black)
Miscellaneous accessories (tanks, exhausts, fender, oversize kit [E], etc.)
Tires and Rims for scania
New Changes:
-Fix cables 1.32.x
-Add new color interior and steering wheel
-Realocate Rear Exhausts
-Fix interior truckpaint
-Fix exterior look interior colors
-Not works in previous versions
-Include DLC toys and flags activation mods
-Works on beta but is not guaraanted to work in future updates.
Due to changes in the structure, one or more missing accessory errors may occur. To correct the sale of the truck and buy again; Or do the following:
-Activate the game console
-Type the following code: g_remove_missing_accessories 1
–Manually load the last “autoguarded” activated the box to show autoguardados, being very careful when loading can lose progress if you do not load the correct file, it would be more advisable to save the game manually and reload.
-After typing g_remove_missing_accessories 0 on the console if desired.
-The error should disappear, after that buy the missing accessories.
-If you still have errors please buy the truck again

Original model Alam Ferreira , Alves Ferreira, Wagner, Tonho; Previous arrangements: Matias Juan Laghezza, Tires: Ventyres, 5-point rims: Lexan, 112 sound: tincho, Towers and 8×4 kit: RJL, V8 sound: Bennekeben; Edition and arrangements: mjtemdark


Scania 2 Series  112 - 142 edit mjtemdark [1.32.x], 1 photoScania 2 Series  112 - 142 edit mjtemdark [1.32.x], 2 photoScania 2 Series  112 - 142 edit mjtemdark [1.32.x], 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2018-11-19 21:28:54 mehrabrjl
convert it for ats please
2018-11-21 14:46:22 Ginox (Guest)
no horn sound and no engine sound... fix it
2019-01-25 19:14:48 bumblebee586
How do I install?

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