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Angus' Better Cars [ABC]

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uploaded 2018-12-07 13:24:41, by ARAB

Hello fellow Mudrunners!

This mod alters stock-trucks and cars of the game. Mainly lights, fuel capacities, addons, torques, tire frictions and weights were changed. 

Made some existing lights more prominent and some blinkers light permanently. Added many beacons, e.g. the missing beacons on the usa-fuel-trailer. Added headlights on the usa-loader crane and many more for aesthetics.

Fuel capacities:
Changed for the real-world fuel capacities of the trucks (or close to that).

Added more possible addons to all trucks, while trying to minimize clipping issues. Be careful, not all trucks will perform well offroad with some of their addon-loadouts.

Torques (Engine Power):
Changed for the real-world values (or close to that). Trucks have more torque now.

Tire frictions:
Tire frictions and tire weights are calculated by the width and radius of each tire. Worn out or street tire profiles (e.g. Kamaz tire or Maz538 tire) result in lower values.

Overall gameplay:
You will feel the differences, especially overall performance, between the trucks much more now. Since the increased tire frictions lead to a higher fuel consumption, fuel consumption and refueling will be a more significant issue while scouting and logging.
The completion-star-decals have been removed, recall funtions too. Changed the trucknames to the real-world ones. 
Star ratings are chosen on the overall usefulness of each truck. E.g. the K700 is pretty powerful, but has no trailer hitch, thus very limited usefulness: gathering logs and rescuing vehicles. This leads to a 2-star-rating. 
The K8400 is a bit less powerful than the K700, but has a trailer hitch, which offers a much higher overall usefulness of the truck, leading to a 3-star-rating. 

This mod is not for hardcore-fans, who completed Deluge and Highwater with just a B130.

Angus McFife

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uploaded by ARAB
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