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very quality mod

love me a meshslap with minimally edited d-series jbeam

40th million patreon modder with overpriced pickup truck unlicensed 3d model and most likely barely edited jbeam

Jbeam pics?

on Honda Accord (CM4)
1 year ago

FUСК U!!No DAE file!!Don't download!!

on 8x8 utility truck
1 year ago

@THNMOOB Everything uploaded by kyhk has either been uploaded by someone on modland or can be found on modsgaming. And he just re-uploads it, he doesn't care if the mod has errors. So kyhk is useless trash

on Mercedes Benz G Class
11 months ago


@ineedleakedmodsinmydm lol it's now a re-upload site

on Ibishu Chisai
1 year ago

You're a re-uploading SНlТ too

1. It is difficult to drive, if you go forward, the front wheel will automatically turn to the right, making you lose control.2. The author claims to have added PBR, but the body is all black at the lowest quality, which indicates that there is a problem with the PBR added by the author.3. The position of the camera's perspective is a little to the right, which affects driving.4. The engine sound is very sharp and the ear will hurt5. The wheels are drag wheels, not McQueen wheels6. McQueen's name was misspelled, missing a "c"

Comprehensive evaluation, just so so, 1 star for the modified jbeam.