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on Dondiego Map
3 years ago
How come I can' sell anything? Why are there no sell triggers? No trains? Such a great map, just can' use it.
on Holzer Map
3 years ago
Can I get a manual in English?
on Holzer Map
3 years ago
The map looks great.
Is this only sold at one dealer? I've checked 15 dealers on the map, where do you buy it?
Just realized there was a "fix" link. I'm still very new to all this modding stuff. It's hard trying to figure out, by my self, how all these things work.
The car looks great, interior looks great. However, took me almost 7 minutes to figure out how to move it forward, reverse works great. Too hard to control, too easy to roll over. I have a G-Force steering wheel, pedals and shifter and I still had all these problems. I hope one day you get it easier to drive because it looks and sounds great.
on Gukovo map
3 years ago
Is this a map of just Gukovo? or does this mod add Gukovo to the ETS2 map?
4 years ago
Is this a peaceable? The description doesn' say.
on The Old Stream Farm
3 years ago
Yes, finding the hidden download link WAS difficult.
Is there a special thing to do? Doesn' show up in any dealer.