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Kept crashing to desktop, went through log, removed errors, but kept crashing. Went to a empty mods folder with just the ones in this file, still crashed. deleted this map altogether, reloaded all my backed up mods and played another map, worked just fine. Map needs work buddy!
on Southwest Norway 19
1 year ago
crashes my game to desktop everytime I try to load it, even ran it without any mods enabled.
on 36FT PJ Trailer
5 years ago
not showing up in game, re-downloaded a couple of times, nope not there, other mods I download work.
Tried installing like normal, then extracting, it loads, but once in the store trying to buy it, game just sits there spinning the hour glass, fortunately I could abort the sale with the esc key.
on Canadian National
5 years ago
One question, I play one version, but have not updated, do I just overwrite the old files and then choose the new one in the mod load screen or do I have to start a new game for every time it is changed?
on Buy all Fruits Silo
5 years ago
Does not work
Thank you, been wanting a longer unit. :-)
on Canadian Rocky's
5 years ago
Thanks Rene, works great, awesome map!
Unable to unload any grain at the silos on the farm. I can dump it on the ground or at alternate locations like wheat at the flour mill. I tried different trucks, trailers, corn and wheat. So there is a bug. Also very tight there with the silage being to close to the unload area.
Got it to work, removed mods until it worked....