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the worst server ever made -_-
on Sample Mod Map US
3 years ago
can you make a sample mod map DE?
there it's a problem with the steam version using shade mods, steam recognizes the game as an ilegal copy
on FS 19 CoursePlay
3 years ago
this is spam :/
on Manual Attaching
3 years ago
where is the mod? this is a script to compile?
on FS 19 CoursePlay
3 years ago
Jumbo747 dude, what did you expected, those of giant software the only thing they did with fs19 was to improve graphicaly fs17 nothing else, I really when I play the first time at fs19, I am really disappointed to see that we buying a game almost cost 40 $, and have not improved such simple things, it's only a better copy from fs17,If you notice almost all the objects there are in fs19, are literally the same as they were in FS17 they only improved the aesthetics, the reality is that the GIANT or are very lazy or is that they care little about the product they offer, most of the people we buy fs19, it because most of us played the impressive fs17, that this one did show a huge change before its predecessor fs15.
If you want to start a new map updated but do not want to start again, just create a new game with the updated map and copy and replace the files careerSavegame.xml economy.xml and vehicles.xml that are in the folder where the games are saved and replace them with those of the new game, so they have a new growmodification.xml that manages the growth of the plants and the land, the bad thing is that you have to start planting the plots again.