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14 German Pretty underated Carspotter on TikTok (Username: cqqler) obsesion with 2000s cars i am Hotwheel collector


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on what map did you shoot the wrx?

on Porsche 911 992 TwiXeR
9 months ago

its a very sick mod butcan you ad the RS config? and the porsche 992 sport classic prototyp?

on BMW M4 F82
10 months ago

is it just me or does this thing has a low ass ecu limit

insane mod bro legend for making free mods in 2023 meanwhile you can only find mods like this for about 10€ thank you ´man

this is a very high quality mod and i really like it it got good prafics nice damage and good configs i really apriecieate that you make these mods for free.

on Porshe Cayenne
1 year ago
can you maybe make a murcielago or a zonda f?

by far one of the best beamng mods ive ever seen

Goofy ahh tires at the brabus model💀

its a good mod but its v9 patrol sounds very goofy more like an ufo than a porsche would be cool if you could make the sound kinda better

on BMW M4 F83
1 year ago
is it just me or makes the car the whole game laggy