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Shoutout to Sheik for consistently making some of the worst mods ever. Poorly aligned panels, panel gaps that gets larger as you drive normally, claims that the mod is realistic but has E36 and E46 wheels, use M3 bumper on M-Sport models and ALPINAS, has a NORMAL E90 front on the M3. And so so so many other inaccuracies. And then there are all the bugs, and of course traces after the ETK800 in the part selector etc. 

on BMW E39
1 month ago

on BMW E39
1 month ago

Am I missing something? This mod is already uploaded here by the author, FOR FREE

on BMW E91
1 month ago

What an awful 3d model..Front looks bad, but the rear is just terrible.

@projcect flight not the brightest person are you?

Awful panel gaps and shiny interior lol

on Beta Nissan Maxima 96
2 months ago

@BMDubYuh The mod is also packed incorrectly, so it does not show in-game.   How to fix: 1) Open the ZIP and rename the first folder to vehicles 2) Rename the ZIP itself to

@Kenemation mods Now with V3, the M-Tech exhaust is bugged. And still no facelift kidney grilles for the facelift models....

@chicosti it's straight up garbage. It makes Kenemation mods look like work of art in comparison.

@ForzaLiveCast if this mod is a product of "time and effort", this guy should give up and find a different hobby because this is abysmal.