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If you want courseplay 2019. follow github! don' listen to al the false info.. - ThomasGaertner commented a day ago - guys: currently we have 3 showstoppers which prevent us from going to public beta and we are at the moment not able to solve them alone, but hopefully with the help of Giants The problems are in order of priority: trains are not in g_currentMission.vehicles when starting a new savegame and cp start a new savegame vanilla - no problem start a new savegame and cp - locomotive is not in g_currentMission.vehicles trying to enter throws 'dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua(1876) : attempt to index field 'controlledVehicle' (a nil value)' trying to save throws call stack '2019-01-16 23:21 dataS/scripts/trainSystem/TrainPlaceable.lua (220) : setXMLInt' start the crashed savegame with cp -same issue start the crashed savegame without cp - no problem -> saving no problem start again with cp - no problem anymore tools dont refill on loadTriggers when nobody is in the tractor it works, when I'm in the vehicle but not if not if an engine is stopped , it is not able to restart by order the FS17 solution doesnt seem to work here... as soon as we have solved this, we will prepare the public beta..
on Hof Bergmann Map
3 years ago
Mooie map! Nice map! Where can I buy fertilizer?
Please change the server, nobody will download from that server.
on FS 19 CoursePlay
4 years ago
I'am out as well, sucks!! please upload it to a free download site :)
where can you pick up the milk from the big farm near field 43, love your map!
I see the tracks 4 times :) in my game! Needs some work but overall great job!
@Adam the real zip file (machine) is in the zip file.