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Very nice Asterion, do you take requests, Lambos?

I love this Highlander Hybrid, it looks and drives awesome. On an honest side note, the grille doesn' look like a Highlander Hybrid from the front, but overall, it's a nice mod.

Don' mean to be that kind of guy, but it's a Charger, not a Challenger.

I love this mod, and it was even uploaded on my 25th birthday.

And one more thing, the car isn' cooperating with me, it spazzes out each time I spawn the car.

Excellent job, JohnDer33! I would love to see an FJ Cruiser for Beamng Drive too (if you can).

Honestly one of the most hideous looking cars BMW has ever made, but anyway, this mod looks nice. Great job, John Der33!

Hey! This ain' a bad Q7, I love it! :-) Great job/mod!

What's the password for the file?

Any particular reason why it broke?