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on Porsche Cayman
1 year ago
-Lack of instrument lights. -headlight poor lights. -Tailight not working. No lights. -Brake lights are pathetic. Only some glare shown. -Position behind a steering wheel is incorrect. Not in the center. -mirrors reflection badly positioned.
on Honda civic EK9
1 year ago
-Onboard mirror is black. -undercarriage is simplified. Looks ugly. Black low res texture. -No onboard lights while toggling light modes. -messed up body parts collision. Some parts have weird object sticking out of them that visibly are not connected but move with car elements. -Lack of textures on onboard buttons. -body panels and some objects are see through from the inside look on them.
on BMW e46
1 year ago
+Good quality model. Mod have potential but needs lots of polish. - Under engine exhaust blast instead of depending on exhaust on rear or not visible at all. -Not destinquishable difference between exhaust sound at the back and engine at the front. -Hood needs more love. It is flat now. -Chrome pedals??? Come on really? -Position behind a wheel not centered. -Instrument light needs more love. -panel, accesory etc. lights not present at all. -Lack of FFB strenght setting in car tuning menu. -Weird and very week FFB strenght. -"lmao" in car description... Seriously?! How old are mod creator? -weird black boxes behind exhaust tips.
on Honda civic type R
1 year ago
- Lack of instrument lights - Lack of illumination for speedo while changing light modes. - Mirror reflections bad resolution and bad position of reflection. - Lack of instrument dials. - Not woorking digital speedometer. - Undercarriage needs more details. - Black panel behind front bumper.
on Volkswagen Golf GTI
1 year ago
-No textures on many elements. Just shining parts. - Lack of dashboard ilumination. - Lack of instrument ilumination. - some elements have transparent inside textures.