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No disrespect intended. But keep in mind that it only wraps wet grass, alfalfa or clover hay. It won't work on straw, or dry grass (hay).
on Wyther Farms
1 year ago
Love this map. Great layout and mix of fields. Grass seems to work properly now. I'll be playing this one for a while.
on Iconik Semis
3 years ago
I am upvoting before I try them because your work has been very good so far and also because @Eagle355th (who's work is usually A+ too), likes them, :) Keep working at it and thanks for sharing around here. You got more guts than I do.
So far so good. Using it on Westbridge Multifruit map. Does need a little texture work because my computer wants to lag around it a little. But beyond that, very good! And I like the pickup width choices. Good detail!
on Canadian Ultimate 5
5 years ago
Good deal my friend! God bless!
on Deleted
5 years ago
I haven' seen him claim credit for any of them. He always lists the creators. He simply reposts them here it appears. I find this handy because I don' have to run all over the Internet looking for mods. And I do love GTX mods. I recommend them when people ask. Also because GTX ain' assholes. I don' use asshole mods, no matter how good they are. I'll go to the site and make a contribution.
Definitely a personal favorite. You, Eagle355th and Stevie in a tractor build off! Everybody wins. :)
on FS22 Flat Lands 4X
8 months ago
Absolute crap. Don't even bother.
@stuart Actually, RTA does pay for it's models. I, and most people who know them can verify this. I do agree with most people that they really should not charge for them. That would be more of a licensing thing and they probably do not have permission from any of those companies to do it. I would find it funny that they could get it while SCS could not. Something fishy down on the farm there. I would much prefer if they just simply asked for donations for their hard work. I do pay those modders. I do not pay those that "require" payment. They really would have little legal grounds to stand on without full licensing permission to sue someone else for uh... "stealing" what they have only borrowed. As has been pointed out, they would come under much more fire from the actual owners of these vehicle designs if they found out that legal action was being taken over THEIR product designs and Intellectual Property. So while what mods82 "could" be considered morally wrong, what he is doing is not legally wrong. And there is no moral law except that which is in each man's head. Long story said long; if you don' like it; don' download it. And no one likes a snitch, for those above that want to run around reporting everything. Let 'em sue. It would cost them more to pursue their little bit of pocket change than to just take what they can get. Take it however you want. But get off your soap box. It's an illusion.
Depends on what you're editing Max. Do realize that you have to make sure that anything you change in careerSavegame.xml, you also change in farms.xml