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on Daniels Random Events
10 months ago

Because they are additional. Show some respect.

on Scania Illegal S
7 months ago

So, in your opinion, everyone who uses the SCS Forum must be an "idiotic patronising player" just because they choose to use a mod you do not like? Gotcha.

Hi, very nice looking mod. The only critisicm I have with it is it gets dark at 7:20PM. Would it be possible to fade night in slower, around 8.30PM or 9PM? The transition from Dusk to Night is too quick IMO.

on Scania T Mod
7 months ago

Use the original links, at LEAST link to the respective thread on the SCS Forums, show some respect for once.

Can you at least give me credit for this? I'm the one who updated it: Besides it's an old version, it has window animation now.

on Renault Clio V V1R50
9 months ago

No one is making you download it are they? If you do not like something just ignore it and move on.

on Grass 1.35 - 1.38
4 months ago

Let's see your mods then.

on Mountain Roads
3 months ago

You have to select the module from the drop down menu when making a new profile. It's a standalone map.

Don't know why you're being down voted for the truth.

on Sound Fixes Pack
10 months ago

Taking a shot in the dark, I think there may be an audible "pop" sound when a certain rumble sound is initialized. But not sure exactly what "sleeper line" refers to here.