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hy the view in the vehicle at night is too dark, you can't see anything in the mirrors. the light is too strong and you can't see the traffic ahead

Na so wie immer, sind alle zu blöd zum rechrzeitigen einordnen .ewiges warten .solche situationen gibt es normaler weise nicht.

speedometer and info do not work

on Kenworth T909
5 months ago

Digital info screens not working

windshield wipers do not work,fixed blinkers and some bugs

on White HD Road Narrow
2 years ago
viel zu intensiv
the folder does not work, no more saves
game crash. windshield wipers do not work, neither does the light correctly
on Exhaust Smoke
2 years ago
it smokes worse than an old steam locomotive.real would only be when accelerating and under extreme loads
on Project Greenland
2 years ago
I only have nanortalik then the map ends