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I bought the LWB Mercedes Maybach - it's crap. If anybody wants, i will buy this mod and leak it everywhere. 


Link is broken, please can you send a new link. Can't wait to try!
This is a great mod, Thanks Andrew!
on Mercedes-Benz Tourismo
11 months ago
Not a very good mod. Sorry. The rear wheels sits all mashed up under the body and the detail level is rather poor in comparison to (most new) mods. Anyway, good luck!

@BBMbeamHGMods This is going to get interesting. 


By when can we expect the Maybach mod in question to be fixed? 

on Jaguar F-Pace S
11 months ago
So, I see there is something going on with mods after the update- some of the mods are completely unusable- like, none of the controls work- not throttle, lights, brakes, the mod is literally just a statue. Including this one. Any idea whats up?
on Ford F450/F250
1 month ago

The windows are still broken by the 0.28 update 


This mod is not even worth to be free. 

Oh, and @BBMbeamHGMods doesn't ever update their mods. And they're super arrogant when asked to do so. 


on BMW X3 xDrive
2 months ago

What even is this??


on Lamborghini Gallardo
1 month ago

Its not optimised for 0.28. update? glass still broken etc?