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truck runs fine customizes fine and doesnt eat up FPS good truck just need another way to download it like the steam workshop lol

actually not a bad mod works as intended doesnt cause any fps loss dont know why so many negative votes i use this on every hilly map so i dont have to hunt/chase down bales lol

@shagspastic its ok man some maps are fine for me and some arent its all good :)

on case IH 3588 1981
5 years ago

really nice !!!

thanks for this pack Rain its awesome had a few mods in it that i was having a hard time finding the DB60 worked for me with hired helper only if the A.I vehicle extension was turned on which is ok cause i run mostly in cab with gps(auto steer) again thx m8 awesome mod pack

@ shagspastic got it working it was snettertons farm map that was causing the issue works fine now

this looks awesome what does it do to FPS

on JCB Fastrac 150
3 years ago

thumbs down to this as soon as you change camera view to the inside it flip the camera upside down

@shagspastic sheep are no go on the square bales and there are two versions of snettertons one smp without dirt/terrain mod the other the dtsmp maybe that caused my issue idk

on John Deere 8400
3 years ago