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on Jeep Wrangler
4 months ago

Guys, he makes enough free mods. He also needs to make money himself. Stop being so b*tchy and get a job if you want mods

@zl1 You're actually so sad you have to ask people to leak mods, you can buy a $20+ game but not a 1-$7 mod?

Works really well! Good job :)

on Lamborghini Urus Pack
5 months ago

@moatiey Honestly, this is true. He works hard on mods and people just get mad at him. He also makes some free ones and people are still mad..

Literally robbed it, from the official beamng page

on 11-23'Chrysler 300C
6 months ago

Guys, Dont download! It detected 2 viruses!!

@. Bro, i bet your whiter than the snow

on Byd E2, Chinese car
5 months ago

@ttm45 i mean it does say its chinese

on McLaren 765LT
7 months ago

Thank you for anti-virusing your mods. Not many people do that

Guys, BNGMods is a virus, it detected 2 viruses