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Does not come up in the game
The real landcruiser VDJ79 is right hand drive not left hand drive.
on B-Train Tankers
5 years ago
prove it guest.
Has no working lights and can not fill up at the "buy all fruits" silo you can' trigger the R for "start filling"
Frka85 you are a complete dickhead!! you have no idea about the game and good mods.
on Field Sell
5 years ago
Make sure you mod is done in ENGLISH! no good take a screen shot when no one can read it.
on Stevie FS Mods Pack
5 years ago
Useless only making the harvester 60,000 litres capacity
How much torque does it have?
The map is shit, it is not finished, take it down!
what are the power and torque ratings for the engines?