I take old/crappy mods, I take away most of the parts because I'm bad at modelling and add parts from other things, I'm a Source Modder, Which basically means that while I slowly learn proper mod making, I revamp mods using parts from official beamng cars or other mods I hope you enjoy my content!


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on HYPERBUS 10000
3 months ago
kyhk's daily driver be like
@Phaien I Mostly added configs that make sense to be there, or have references in them which I find funny, I'm also not just adding configs
Get mad lol, imagine being a mod leaker and getting mad that people are reuploading your mod
on Nissan 240SX
1 month ago
Should I slap a V8 in this?
I'm slapping a V8 in this
You already know i'm about to rework this lol
I'm not saying you can't do your own rework, but I have started one on this mod already and so far have doubled the configuration count, oh I'm not reworking the charger though