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I see some interesting maps on here and would like to try them but really have no idea about how the fields are laid out. would it be possible to see a screenshot of the map layout, please? thanks
this looks like a very ambitious project. it also looks like a WIP. I have an issue with my download speeds after a certain point of the month so I'm gonna wait till then to download this. I do have it bookmarked for now and will definitely grab it later.
at least it works. I've lost track of how many other mods I've tried that were smaller that didn't work properly (if at all). I love how modders make this game better (most of the time) and give us options from the stock variations. half the problem is that Giants is using a lower grade graphics engine that was probably accessible for free (you get what you pay for, right?). I can only hope the next version of this game is more advanced...
@FarmersBoy I'm with you on the 7-zip idea. I've been using 7-zip for a while because it's a simple safe download that's easy to use.
what's even more sad is how this 'bot seems to keep uploading anything it finds. there are some websites that actually verify the mod's ownership and the uploaders permission to re-publish the mod.
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1 year ago
and yet you chose to troll the original comment. ROTFL. you just proved that your comment also paints you with the same brush you're tryin' to paint us with. LOL. you're probably a nice guy (and you're funny AF, too), just not too swift on the uptake...
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2 years ago
@BigRichMods maybe learn how to spell. let me guess; your 6th time through grade 3 was tough on you, wasn't it? you haven't taken your meds today, have you? maybe you should...
2 years ago
I do agree with Guest Love This Map on a few points. what complicates the tree harvesting is; you can't harvest trees on property you don't own. to get around this I guess you could buy the fields, harvest the trees, then the crops (if they didn't wither in the mean-time) then sell the land again. and yeah, selling those underpowered forestry equipment is always a good Idea (I use FDR, NMC and other forestry mods anyways). I do kinda wish there was a dedicated mill. and there is an area where the trees are floating about 6-10' off the ground (LOL). and check out behind the dam (no water). otherwise, yes, I do like the mix of Forestry and Ag.
how do you get into the house and barn that are floating a hundred feet up in the air? LOL
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1 year ago
@ToCorbin****sucker pipe down buddy. he just made a comment and you turned it into a confrontation. if you can't be civil, crawl back under the bridge you obviously crawled out from.