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on WesternStar Lowmax
6 days ago

Stop releasing garbage

on FS22 Peterbilt 389
1 week ago

Its ok but the engine sound with the Jake break audio is so dumb and unrealistic the interior is ok but this is fs22 time to step the detail up this truck is not up to fs22 standers

So you cant drop the tailgate witch means truck really cant be used but its still cool and well done

this is just bad lol

no dowload link because its giving info on the mod its in the news section

its old as **** and its for v1.35 and your prob playing on 1.36

this should not exist

on Big Fields Map
2 years ago

this is sad

on Mercedes Benz G65
2 years ago

farming game not midnight club AND FREZZEZ MY GAME

This is garbage just a waist of time why? this is fs22 no time for trash