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played map 5 hrs no problems great map mate again
ive actually started again because a i wanted BGA witch you have provided great but it does not register on map and its in a field full of corn lol ive tried to place asphalt down but it wont let me i can only hope that the next update does not kill this map as its the only map i use at the moment heres to another 100 hrs its still a great map mate
looks great is autoload?
on Brochard EV 2200
4 years ago
any chance you could turn this great muck spreader into a normal all fruits collection trailer thanks
any chance the farm buildings could be removable so you can build your own ...............thanks
hi it seems the AI will not spread lime in field 6 7 at least .....the AI did spread lime on other map mate on all fields ,. i have tried most lime spreaders mod and not mod ?????
on Challenger MT900
4 years ago
any chance of this being colourable
4 years ago
ditches, poles, trees, cant plow ai leaves most of field not done thats on all fields love the new map lay out, but these need sorting out please
on Fendt Vario1000
4 years ago
plz could you make this mod multi colour thanks
on Silo Display
4 years ago
can this be put on ls19