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Some chrome is too shiny, some not enough, and the steering wheels are missing :/

Can't wait for the next version :)

How can we rate if we can' use your mod protected ?!? Oo

@Ziik Thanks for the answer. Unfortunatly it changes nothing :(((

This mod is amazing! It borders on perfection! It just lacks a roof rail to be able to add headlights ;) In any case, a huge thank you !!! Really
Indeed, I did not see any either. On the other hand I saw additional headlights on the bull bars, but it would be a shame to hide such a nice grille;) And thanks to you I learned that the K series were trucks from Kenworth Australia :)
on Renault T Addons
2 years ago
Great job, but why replacing black interior with that beige one ? ALL interiors are beige ! :(((
The noise is much too loud compared to other vehicles, and some motorcycles have a rattling noise :/ I still prefer version 3.7
on Renault T Addons
2 years ago
Argh no edit possible, so I continue... The gauges on this beige background make it really bad. Can' you just add interiors in addition to the original ones for those who love? Thanksd :)
Almost perfect ! There is just the oil light which stays on red, and at the top of the dashboard screen there is a 1 or 2 pixel line that lights up randomly. Note also that for me the front hood mirrors crash the game with a desktop return. Personally, I do not care ;) In any case, a big thank you !!!
Unfortunately when I try to buy it the game crashes and stays frozen so I have to kill ETS2 with the task manager :/