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on Zetor 16145
5 years ago

A really impressive mod. Extremely realistic, nicely detailed, pulls nicely under a heavy load and the sounds are almost bang on perfect. Overall I score it a solid 8/10

Thank you :) Very handy mod to have!!!

Spawned a vehicle next to this tractor, and the frame rate turned to shit and didn' recover. Mod needs fixing, but shows a lot of potential to be great!

I agree with @Rx1966. Money mods are pointless. Just edit your savegame if you want squillions. I like to work hard for my things in the game, and I agree, resetting to the farm instead of the sale point would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm really sorry - but this mod needs some SERIOUS work. Very poorly animated, badly rendered, terrible sounds and generally sub par at BEST. 2/10 and that's being generous!

@BigJohnnyD - who's the one being juvenile now hey! You are!

pknecron - totally agree! I tried this mod - crashed my game completely! Don' download or even TRY to use this mod - you'll regret it!!!

on Deleted
6 years ago

When I downloaded this mod, I encountered an "Unexpected end of archive" error using Winrar.

on Big Cow Shed
3 years ago

Nice mod. But I have noticed that the fill triggers for the TMR/Silage are more than 20 feet past the outside of the doors for some reason... Other than that I am liking it a lot.

Is this mod supposed to be in the FS2015 section? From the pictures it looks like the FS2015 HUD