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whats the trailer and do you have the link for it?? and nice work on the truck keep it up
Is the file going to be reuploaded bc the link is ded
on Peterbilt 389-Pinga
3 months ago
Great work bro not on any bullsh**t and i love that really unvalued you keep doing your work under the radar
do you have the actual mod and willing to send it via discord no joke discord it WOLF6#2888
on My Yards Edits
1 month ago
What does this mod do or add to the game?
@The Godfather correct me if am wrong but the trailer in the video is not a drop deck its a reefer
on Peterbilt 389-Pinga
2 months ago
its on the latest version
@guy faulks thank you bro ill look at it and see if i want it
on Alfa Romeo Giulia
3 months ago