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A human, somewhat hates this site but is on it ig, yeah this is moanland. Also hate leakers, and seeing kids rage over a literal paid mod is amazing.



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4 months ago
Good mod and, funny seeing everyone cry so loud over a paid mod and ready to suck Shved8's pp to get it for free and for him to leak it. Grow up seriously. Crying so much over a paid mod is what a 4 year old would do. If you're so mad about paid mods, then ignore them.
Hi! I'm in your server and that mod is really good. Keep up the good work!
4 months ago
This thing is literal cancer. 732 MB for a car with no police config and literal png wheels. Thanks but no thanks.
Crying like a retar isn't gonna make it be free. Nobody gafs about ur reuploading azz. Go cry plus you're probs 9 year old and don't even have a credit card. Go ahead and cry more.
@2002 You're the trash, you probs can't even make mods.