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One of the best trailers in the game. Great mod. I have 1800 sheep and this is the only way to haul mass amounts of wool. 16 pallets on each trailer. I currently have 3 of these, with the daily upkeep at 10, its worth holding on to the wool until i get a good price. Autoload feature works really well. Props to the modder! = Thumbs down and 1 star. = Thumbs down and 1 star.
5 years ago = 1 star and Thumbs down!
I don' usually comment on stuff, but this mod is really good and the modder deserves some credit. I think this is the best truck in the game hands down. It handles like a dream, is really fast, and it handles the big loads. If you are looking for a truck that is the best out there, then this is the truck for you!
on Claas Axion 850 Pack
5 years ago
It's pretty lame of you to use that crappy site ( to host the downloads. You have to be making some cash or get some kind of benefit for using that site. 0 stars just for that! = 1 star and Thumbs Down!
Need a 120,000 capacity. However, gets 1 star thumbs down.
on Clover Creek Map
5 years ago
It is amazing that people go to the trouble of making a map and uploading it without an overall picture of the map. Who cares about the stupid pics that show a tractor in a field. The first pic should be an overview of the entire map. Get with it.
on Perestroika
5 years ago
If you are expecting to get paid for your work, then don' link to this site. The modding community works hard to put out mods no doubt about it, but most people will not pay for crap, and there is a TON of crap. is crap and is used far too often. I suspect that the uploader is somehow compensated for using that site. I give a one star rating to every mod that is hosted only by that site no matter how good it could be. And by the way, a Thank You should be good enough. If you need to be paid for your work, then get a f *cking programming job.