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on Montana Expansion 2.0
6 months ago

Literally been driving in Montana exclusively since I discovered this addon, love it, look forward to more, thanks for your efforts.

@Zac There was a time people made mods for a hobby and for the joy of sharing, then one day I woke up and realised everyone got greedy and mods are not mods at all, but paid non licenced works, we used to get away with in the past and it was ignored because we did it for free, waiting for the first of the paid for "no longer a mod" people to get busted with a law suit for unfair use. Before you chortle on - I dedicated years as a modder, and we gave our hard efforts out for free to over 300k people - for not one dime, and zero regrets in the process.

on RVM (RAM) pickup truck
2 months ago

Give the guy credit, the original Author, drives and sounds pretty decent tbh, but the price of a full game decent ? nah, did a couple of jobs with it and left it in the garage, some of these prices for mods are out of control, no wonder they end up leaked places like this.Kudos to the original author for the bits he got working well none the less.

@Rob 100 POINTS = 1 U.S. DOLLAR on sharemods, there has been 26k downloads TOTAL, which means he made $91.00, he's hardly looking at retirement money is he ?

on VAZ-2105 for BeamNG
1 year ago
No issues, works well thanks.

@Rob I get what you are saying, so I went and checked out the links and how much they pay per download, then with some simple math vs how many downloads came up with that value above, I think we can both agree $91.00 is hardly big bucks right ?

on Montana Expansion 2.0
5 months ago

@xRECONLOBSTERx  I was thinking the other night, the only reason I tend to buy more than one garage in a state is because they only have 5 slots, even in a big garage, there is nothing stopping someone putting more than one garage in the same locality is there ? you could have 4x garages on the same site giving the option of 20 slots etc ? Would be great in a site like the new one at Billings ?

on Ford LTL 9000
3 months ago

@Rene Nate You should know, you spend all your time looking up mens arses right ? thanks for the tip wise guy.

on Ford LTL 9000
4 months ago

Any paint jobs available for this one ?

on More Wheel Pack
1 year ago
Go into the modifications menu for the cars, then front(or rear) suspension/wheels , you will find most of these designs near the bottom of the existing wheel list, each wheel then has an option for size and tyre type, its a really nice mod to be honest.