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on Kenworth T800
5 years ago

i think the letter u drops and lifts the axel

on Elkhorn Valley Map
3 years ago

you need to fix helper being able to drive off the map otherwise not bad

my favorite mods to use awesome job on them.hope you move in to making bigger tractors cause you nailed these

on New Holland T8435 DW
5 years ago

I dig whatyou did with the tractor .I've gotten every update thats how much i use this bad boy,just would be nice to see a power increase.nothing crazy but enough to make it a torque monster.ya to match it's beast appearance

on Kenworth T800 Update
5 years ago

need to be able to customize it more nice truck though i use it for less important shorter jobs

no twin wheels at all

to bad it comes up an empty file,oh well moving on

the trailer dont turn with the truck..fix that and would ne sweet mod

be nice to have one of these on ps4

could you make this for ps4 and xbox