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10 months ago
This mod does not work. Anyone looking for a solution I have one. Take your FS_19 MoneyTool and place it in your FS22 Mod folder. Open the file and take out the modDesc.xml. Open it with Note pad ++ once you open the file you will see this line. change the 42 to 61 so it will now look like this . Save the file put it back in the zip file and let it update it. start the game and it should work. This is what I did and it worked for me, but I can't say for sure it will work for you.
on Deleted
4 years ago
@Killaz if it's not Payware it's not STOLEN.
This MOD is still Payware and has been reported the mod owner and this site
on Kenworth W900a
4 years ago
I have sounds but I can' connect to a trailer
on Peterbilt 359 v1.0a
4 years ago
the uploader of this mod is NOT the creator. This is a payware mod. this loser steals mods and tries to pawn off as his own.
on Deleted
4 years ago
You can' trust any file that mods82 uploads 1. he is a thief and a liar 2. his files always have issues with being corrupted and viruses. What he needs is to have his ass beat. He is probably some loser who lives with his parents still and get raped by his daddy everyday
@Melvina No the scripts it use are for FS17 Only
Because it not not a FS22 Ready Mod.
on John Deere 2032R
5 years ago
No Sound and when you hook up a front loader to it , it locks up and my game